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High Street cable car

### ODT Online Wed, 25 Nov 2009
Cable car planning encouraged by DCC
By Chris Morris
The group promoting a plan to have cable cars rolling up and down Dunedin’s High St has been encouraged to continue its work by the Dunedin City Council.
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D Scene – ORC, no pressure

### D Scene 25-11-09

Rates rebels (page 1)
Otago Regional Council is brooking no nonsense from people abstaining from paying the portion of their rates designated for the construction of the Forsyth Barr Stadium at University Plaza, and has threatened to call in the debt collectors. See page 2.

Ratepayers may face collectors (page 2)
By Michelle Sutton
ORC finance manager Stuart Lanham said, in a letter to some ratepayers, that their debt would be pursued by debt collection agencies “without further notice”. Meanwhile, ORC corporate services director Wayne Scott said ratepayers who withheld payment because of Dunedin’s stadium would be specifically targeted, unlike ratepayers who failed to pay because they were struggling financially.

Rebellion gaining impetus (page 2)
By Michelle Sutton
A rates revolt led by former Dunedin Mayor Sukhi Turner against the city’s stadium appears to be gaining legs.

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Stadium boss quiet on plan (page 10)
By Michelle Sutton
Stadium boss David Davies has a master plan for the first three months of his job, but he refuses to talk about it. This is also part of the Welshman’s plan, as he settles in as chief executive of Carisbrook Stadium Trust and Dunedin Venues Management Ltd; say nothing.

PM books seat at the stadium (page 10)
By Michelle Sutton
Prime Minister John Key says he is not an “Indian-giver”, and he may have booked his $15 million seat at Dunedin’s stadium.


Talk: Dunedin on Dunedin (page 14)
Your say: Letters to the Editor
Paying debts to council
Letters by Brian Miller, Mosgiel* and David Brownlie, Brockville

*The content of Mr Miller’s letter could very well unite prostadia and antistadia, on one matter anyway.

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DCC: “Linking Dunedin to the World”

We’ve never been linked to it before, apparently.

Dunedin City Council
Media Release

Linking Dunedin to the World

24 November 2009

“The DCC has announced the name of the consultants who will identify opportunities and options for inclusion in the preparation of the city’s digital communication strategy.

A multi-discipline Dunedin City Digital Communications Group, under the chairmanship of city councillor Dave Cull, having considered applications from six companies, has invited Effectus Ltd, a business consultancy specialising in information and communications technology and performance improvement services to facilitate the Group’s strategy development.

When complete the strategy, which will be community not Council focussed, will enhance Dunedin and the surrounding regions’ digital communications capacity.”
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Report – EDC – 24/11/2009 (PDF, 92.9 KB)
Dunedin City Digital Communications Strategy

Golly. This could supercede the stadium as our handshake to the world.

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We heard this one.

Barry Stewart again. Channel 9 News tells us “plans to introduce kerbside recycling could be delayed”. Read more in Wednesday’s Otago Daily Times.

The fact is we already have some kerbside recycling. Dunedin City Council, however, has been considering the options to achieve greater recycling of waste gathered in residential kerbside collections.


### ODT Online Wed, 25 Nov 2009
Wheelie bins still in the slow lane
By Chris Morris
The chairman of the Dunedin City Council’s infrastructure services committee has again signalled plans to introduce a new kerbside collection system in Dunedin could be delayed.
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Tell us we misheard it…


ODT’s Barry Stewart on Channel 9 News highlighted stories appearing in Tuesday’s newspaper. First mention before we fainted was… No, we really must have misheard it.

Dunedin City Council has voted to [defer?????!!!!!] work on the second stage of the Tahuna Wastewater Treatment Plant.

We ran the DVD back, it did sound like THAT word.
WHY. It can’t be true.

### ODT Online Tue, 24 Nov 2009
DCC may defer Tahuna work
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council looks set to delay part of the planned $74.3 million stage two upgrade to the Tahuna wastewater treatment plant. Council staff have recommended aspects of the plant’s upgrade associated with the processing of solid materials be deferred for two years, while wastewater treatment upgrades proceed as planned.
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High Street Cable Car a possibility

This story appeared under the grainy headline “Rocky road for cable cars” on page one of Otago Daily Times print and digital editions.

### ODT Online Mon, 23 Nov 2009
Stuart St cable car plan rejected
By Chris Morris
A plan to have cable cars rolling through the centre of Dunedin for the first time in more than 50 years has been rejected in a report by Dunedin City Council staff. However, a second plan – for cable cars to run from the Exchange up High St – remains a possibility. The Dunedin Cable Car Trust was developing plans for a 1.5km cable car route between the Exchange and the Mornington shopping centre.
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Dunedin Cable Car Trust
Trustees: Bill Campbell, Tony Chance, Phil Cole, Neville Jemmett, Don Myers and Sue Russell.

Report – EDC – 24/11/2009 (PDF, 2.1 MB)
Cable Car Proposals

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Toyo Ito’s solar powered stadium, Taiwan

This will be old news to some readers, but let’s mark this one again for posterity – compared to how we do things in Dunedin.

“. . . the impressive roof construction that is simultaneously a solar power station.”

### 20 May 09
Construction Is finished For Toyo Ito’s Solar Powered Stadium

Construction is finished for Japanese architect Toyo Ito’s solar powered stadium in Taiwan. The stadium’s roof is covered by 8,844 solar panels. The stadium is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan and it was built to coincide with the opening of the World Games [in July].

The ‘World Games Stadium’ holds 55,000 spectators and it cost $150 million to build. The stadium will hold the record for largest solar-powered stadium in the world with its 14,155m2 roof. It could potentially generate 1.14 Gigawatt hours of electricity every year, enough to power up to 80% of the surrounding neighbourhood.

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highflyerai9 10 April 2008

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