DCC: “Linking Dunedin to the World”

We’ve never been linked to it before, apparently.

Dunedin City Council
Media Release

Linking Dunedin to the World

24 November 2009

“The DCC has announced the name of the consultants who will identify opportunities and options for inclusion in the preparation of the city’s digital communication strategy.

A multi-discipline Dunedin City Digital Communications Group, under the chairmanship of city councillor Dave Cull, having considered applications from six companies, has invited Effectus Ltd, a business consultancy specialising in information and communications technology and performance improvement services to facilitate the Group’s strategy development.

When complete the strategy, which will be community not Council focussed, will enhance Dunedin and the surrounding regions’ digital communications capacity.”
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Report – EDC – 24/11/2009 (PDF, 92.9 KB)
Dunedin City Digital Communications Strategy

Golly. This could supercede the stadium as our handshake to the world.

Post by Elizabeth Kerr


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3 responses to “DCC: “Linking Dunedin to the World”

  1. Stu

    Well, there’s a steering group “in charge” of the consultant. I happen to be on it. We’re listening. I’m happy to discuss options and ideas in any forum.

    The “linking to the rest of the world” will (hopefully) be done in such a way as to make current capabilities look primitive by comparison.

    The steering group has met several times over the last 3 months or so. With each meeting, I have got more and more optimistic that the team we have will deliver something remarkable.

    • Elizabeth

      Look forward to developments.
      (was thinking too of all the ways we connect internationally which aren’t IT based – ie never felt isolated living on the Dunedin island which isn’t one)

      • Elizabeth

        ### ODT Online Thu, 26 Nov 2009
        DCC eyes ultra-fast network
        By Chris Morris
        The Dunedin City Council says an ultra-fast broadband network, dedicated to advanced research in New Zealand, is “underutilised” and should be opened up to the public.
        Read more

        ### ODT Online Thu, 26 Nov 2009
        Unusual conference technique
        By Allison Rudd
        When delegates at a conference at the University of Otago this week left the room, organisers Andrew Long and Erika Pearson were not too worried. For at this conference, discussing New Zealand’s internet and digital future, there were many other ways to stay involved. The two-day conference was organised by the university’s multidisciplinary Internet Research Group of Otago and was the first to bring together academics and those working in the industry.
        Read more

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