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DCC: “Linking Dunedin to the World”

We’ve never been linked to it before, apparently.

Dunedin City Council
Media Release

Linking Dunedin to the World

24 November 2009

“The DCC has announced the name of the consultants who will identify opportunities and options for inclusion in the preparation of the city’s digital communication strategy.

A multi-discipline Dunedin City Digital Communications Group, under the chairmanship of city councillor Dave Cull, having considered applications from six companies, has invited Effectus Ltd, a business consultancy specialising in information and communications technology and performance improvement services to facilitate the Group’s strategy development.

When complete the strategy, which will be community not Council focussed, will enhance Dunedin and the surrounding regions’ digital communications capacity.”
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Report – EDC – 24/11/2009 (PDF, 92.9 KB)
Dunedin City Digital Communications Strategy

Golly. This could supercede the stadium as our handshake to the world.

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We heard this one.

Barry Stewart again. Channel 9 News tells us “plans to introduce kerbside recycling could be delayed”. Read more in Wednesday’s Otago Daily Times.

The fact is we already have some kerbside recycling. Dunedin City Council, however, has been considering the options to achieve greater recycling of waste gathered in residential kerbside collections.


### ODT Online Wed, 25 Nov 2009
Wheelie bins still in the slow lane
By Chris Morris
The chairman of the Dunedin City Council’s infrastructure services committee has again signalled plans to introduce a new kerbside collection system in Dunedin could be delayed.
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