Interesting. SH88 realignment.

### ODT Online Fri, 20 Nov 2009
Price stalls SH88 land sale
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council is still locked in talks with Scenic Circle Hotel chairman Earl Hagaman over land needed for the realignment of State Highway 88 past the Forsyth Barr Stadium, just months before construction is to begin.

Council project engineer Evan Matheson said, when contacted, the realignment was expected to cost about $10 million, offset by a confirmed 65% subsidy from the New Zealand Transport Agency. That meant the council’s share would be $3.5 million, while NZTA paid $6.5 million but would take control of the road once completed, he said.

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One response to “Interesting. SH88 realignment.

  1. Anonymous

    Mid-Feb 2010.
    Contracts still not let for SH88 realignment.
    Why not?

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