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NZRU idea – selling off Super 14 franchises

### RNZ National Monday, 09 November 2009 07:53
Morning Report with Geoff Robinson & Sean Plunket
NZRU floats idea of selling off Super 14 rugby franchises

The New Zealand Rugby Union has floated the idea of selling off Super 14 rugby franchises to private interests in a move reminiscent of the ownership structures of English premier league football clubs.
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Own your own

“This took me approx 33 hours solid to build for my sons 6th birthday. It’s a great looking model but I am very dissapointed with how stable the finished model is. The grey square blocks on the outside if the stadium fall off if you just look at them! So i think i am going to use superglue on the model which i didnt want to do. Also its a little to big. You will struggle to find a shelf or cabinet to fit this on in the average home.”
carl fenlon – telford, 21st January ’08


Stadico Stadium Building Kits
How many times have you dreamed of being the owner of your very own football stadium? This superb model kit contains around 2500 pieces, and once built you will be able to cherish your favourite football stadium!
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Stadium – serious work for the pay

Will this role end in tears…

### ODT Online Mon, 9 Nov 2009
Salary of stadium boss revealed
By Chris Morris

The Welshman head-hunted to manage the Forsyth Barr Stadium in Dunedin is set to become the Dunedin City Council’s second highest-paid employee. David Davies (50) has negotiated an annual salary of up to $250,000 for his role as chief executive of Dunedin Venues Management Ltd (DVML), the company formed by the council to run the stadium and other ratepayer-owned venues.
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