Stadium Pic of the Day


I can almost imagine sitting up on those soon to be completed seats and taking in an event. The form is filling out.

Posted by Paul Le Comte


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5 responses to “Stadium Pic of the Day

  1. Peter B

    Great pic! It’s the first real indication shape in the South Stand other than the imprint of the concourse.

  2. Thanks Peter, my design/architecture side of the brain is really enjoying this stage of the development. One of the best views at this stage is from the Leith Bridge on Anzac Ave. You can see the angles of the buttresses and now obviously the stepping of the seats. It’s only going to get way more interesting too.

    • Elizabeth

      Hi Paul – agree with Peter B.
      Your ongoing photo survey of the construction process shows excellence. The sort that begs for wider publication, as you know. Congratulations.

  3. Stu

    I’m awaiting permission to get a wireless webcam onto site, around that location. From the fixed camera site above Butts Road, we will be adding a 5-megapixel camera that will allow much better zooming into detail on the South Stand than at present. I’ve also just generated a time-lapse video, posted to the Facebook page ( which shows site progress over 4 months.

  4. On that, the brand new revamped will be live by the end of the weekend, with more or less live images of the stadium development.

    But more cameras will be cool. More than happy for you to keep pushing these Stu and the very ORIGINAL reason for this blog – a discussion of the architecture, design and construction of a modern stadium in our own back yard, is once again the focus of things – fabulous.

    But while on webcams, the brand spanking new Westland District Council’s site has the most amazing web cam in the country. You control it, pan and zoom – just brilliant.,361,html

    Have fun with it, but don’t spend too much time watching the folk playing pool in the Railway Hotel like I did the other night.

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