DCC website upgrade for stadium project information

The city council has updated the stadium project information section on its website. http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/council-projects/stadium

The WIC/Our Stadium webcam is also available at the council website. http://www.dunedin.govt.nz/council-projects/stadium/stadium-cam

From the stadium webpage:

[excerpt] “The Forsyth Barr Stadium has generated a great deal of debate in recent months. It is important that we are clear about our role in this development, not least because it is a project that depends on significant input from other parties. The other key parties include the Stadium Trust, the Otago Regional Council and the University of Otago.”


[excerpt] “The Carisbrook Stadium Trust has also been instructed to find either savings in the construction budget or additional funding.”

Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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One response to “DCC website upgrade for stadium project information

  1. Nice to see that they are engaging in the social media aspect of communication. Being way too indulgent in Twitter it’s also very nice to see them on that too now.

    If you are on twitter you can follow them http://twitter.com/ForBarrStadium or just @ForBarrStadium on your twitter client.

    An example of a Stadium tweet (which is very typical for starting out tweets – and cool BTW) is

    “Help us create the world’s most social stadium. Look out for interesting content, updates, and the chance to… http://bit.ly/17yidk

    These developments are possibly 1 year too late, but then considering that places like here have been a fantastic forum for the disaffected to vet and comment, it’s also nice that their Social Media communication is a step removed from the political.

    But, using twitter as much as I do, I fully appreciate the power of this medium for communication. It will be very interesting to follow their tweets and Facebook page updates over the next few months.

    For really cool visuals, do check out the WIC web cam day long movies. These make for great short (1minute) viewing.

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