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Elizabeth’s computer hard drive suffered near meltdown last week and was taken in for service (repair and upgrade) at SCL Ltd, Dunedin – they’ve done an excellent job.

Sorry about the lack of new posts and background editorial services due to interim loss of internet connection.

We’re back up and running. Tonight and over the weekend we’ll be posting new material on stadium subjects and dipping into various topical issues for the hell of it.

Some interesting comments at What if? in the last while on farming practices and the potential of accreditation; wine&food festivals and New Zealand drinking culture, local and overseas role models, and where France is definitely losing the plot (plonk?)

I doubt much thought, as yet, has gone into how the stadium will manage events and alcohol consumption, other than to see alcohol sales as a source of revenue (assuming all stadium goers aren’t pissheads and crowd control is a piece of cake…).

Let’s see how David Davies approaches local “culture” as the new chief executive responsible for managing the Otago stadium and the Dunedin and Edgar Centres.



Radio New Zealand National 101FM
Sunday Morning with Chris Laidlaw… radionz.co.nz/sunday

11 October 2009

9:06 Mediawatch
In Mediawatch this week: TVNZ says it can’t afford to screen the Commonwealth Games, but Maori TV’s secured public money to show the Rugby World Cup. Meanwhile, the Broadcasting Minister has said we should no longer expect full coverage of top sports events on TV for free. So which sports event should we expect on TV for free in the future? Mediawatch also looks at a media squabble on the sidelines of Maori TV’s World Cup bid – and asks if efforts to foster diversity in our newsrooms are finally paying off in the coverage of Samoa’s tsunami.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

Audio Ogg Vorbis MP3

Post by Elizabeth Kerr

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