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Parking changes – protest and interim response

Today (Monday), Dunedin City Council agreed a set of resolutions to bring about relatively immediate changes to central city parking for assistance to retailers and local business in the run up to Christmas, in particular. The council working party has been constituted to examine the wider issues which lie with the parking strategy. Heaven knows what we will end up with if the council thinks buses (as we know them…) are a substitute for the convenience of independent car travel. Let’s leave that one for another day.

### ODT Online Mon, 28 Sep 2009
Parking protests by bagful
By David Loughrey

The clamour for immediate parking changes in Dunedin has gathered impetus, as further protest appeared yesterday on city streets.
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Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s ODT carry more on parking, with D Scene featuring those responsible for the ‘bag protest’ last Sunday.

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