Survey ignores those no longer parking in CBD


### ODT Online Thu, 24 Sep 2009
Parking survey ‘shows people happy with changes’
By Chris Morris

Council senior transportation planner Lisa Owens said most motorists spoken to appeared to be happy with the July changes, which included the introduction of $1 to $4-an-hour parking, four-hour maximum stays and 153 new pay-and-display machines.
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DCC has to explain the number of empty on-street car parks generated, the drop in use of carpark buildings, and the overall reduction in vibrancy apparent in the CBD since the parking changes. Why isn’t DCC strategising to maintain a busy urban centre in tough recessionary times.


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One response to “Survey ignores those no longer parking in CBD

  1. David

    They have their heads deep in the sand, and are telling us that they can’t see any problems.

    Then they have a survey that effectively weeds out most people who have parking problems, and don’t put in any questions about one of the major issues – cost.

    It’s about as useful as going into a pub and doing a survey on if people like beer.

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