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DCC blacks out figures for Carisbrook rent

### ODT Online Wed, 23 Sep 2009
DCC silent on Carisbrook charge
By Chris Morris

The Dunedin City Council is refusing to reveal how much it is charging the Otago Rugby Football Union to use Carisbrook, despite speculation it could be receiving up to $490,000 each year.
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D Scene – Stabbing DCC over Undie 500, alcohol and the ghetto

### D Scene 23-9-08
Front cover: Burning issues
The council and the liquor industry have come in for scathing criticism for contributing to the boozy and couch-burning culture of Otago University students. We investigate as the fallout continues from the latest mayhem.
See pages 4-7

Try the mirror (page 3)
By Dave Wood, acting editor
So Undie 500s trigger the mayhem at the North Dunedin student enclave. Health authorities, a university researcher, and a lecturer point the finger firmly at the council, saying its decisions – and lack of decisions – are much to blame.

Undie fallout continues (page 4)
By Michelle Sutton
Dunedin City Council and North Dunedin’s student ghetto are copping blame for the latest boozy student chaos.

Council failed to act on recommendations: Kypri (page 4)
By Michelle Sutton
Dunedin City Council is blasted for its part in booze problems leading to this month’s Castle St carnage. Senior researcher at Australia’s Newcastle University, Dr Kypros Kypri put 11 recommendations to the Dunedin City Council in 2003.

PHS points finger at city Council (page 5)
Drinking to get drunk is a social norm among Dunedin students, but they cannot be blamed solely for the problems that then arise, say local health authorities.

Student behaviour ‘moronic’: Ellis (page 5)
One of Otago University’s most infamous scarfies, TV personality and All Black Marc Ellis, calls the Castle St riots “moronic”.

Dunedin is the couch-burning capital of the world, reckons television builder John Cocks (Cocksy). MC at the building industry’s southern region young apprentice of the year awards, he observed: “When you buy a couch here, they ask, ‘Do you want petrol with that?’ ” (page 6)

Society needs to ‘look at self’ (page 6)
By Michelle Sutton
Middle-aged New Zealand needs to look at itself before blaming students for the drunken riots against police, says Kevin Mechen of the Dunedin City Council.

Chaplains ready for disgraced students (page 6)
By Wilma McCorkindale
Campus chaplains are bracing themselves for months, maybe years, of effects on disgraced students from the Undie 500 mayhem in Castle St. University of Otago ecumenical chaplain Rev Greg Hughson supported many in court after the Undie 500 two years ago.

Student ghetto to blame (page 7)
North Dunedin’s student ghetto is singled out as a major factor leading to Castle St’s carnage at the Undie 500 weekend. Otago University music lecturer Graeme Downes offer some insight in his blog about events that led to 67 arrests, about 80 percent of whom were Dunedin students.

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STS to tell members to pay (page 9)
Stop The Stadium will recommend to its members to pay almost $10,000 to the Dunedin City Council. President Dave Witherow says the committee will recommend paying the costs at a special meeting for members, to be held on October 18. The special meeting will also deal with STS’s future actions.

Building a bar (page 19)
Dunedin’s youngest pub baron and former scarfie Richard McLeod tells D Scene about building a bar empire with his mate James Arnott, and the Liquor Licensing Authority decision that threatens to topple it over. Michelle Sutton reports.

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