Cowboys Stadium opens

Today (literally as I am writing this midday Monday) the newest sports stadium hosts its first game. The $1.2B USD Cowboys Stadium is the stage for the Dallas Cowboys vs The New York Giants, in which a little over 100,000 fans get their first taste of this stunning arena. Sure it’s been open for a while and hosted the likes of Paul McCartney, but this is what it was built for – football.


Pitched on the NBC broadcast as one of the new wonders of the world (well they are American and like to embellish a little).


Yeah that’s over the top US TV for you. But here is some beautiful eye candy since you are all stadium fans!


The screen is 600 tons and they had to make a new ruling for the stadium in case the ball hits it. And this from inside the jumbotron.


There’s a nice section within the Cowboys site on the stadium with a nice (building) collection of slide shows.




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