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Video – Spin It Wide RWC 2011

KiwiCato 17 June 2009
When New Zealand’s Southern Region (Otago, Queenstown & Southland) needed a tender document for the 2011 Rugby World Cup, they turned to Cato Partners to help bring their submission to life. Filmed on a small budget, but made possible by the big hearts, enthusiasm and energy of the people of Otago & Southland, the resulting video, ‘Spin It Wide’, demonstrates what makes this region so very unique, and is a demonstration of what can be achieved when a community becomes connected and energised. Photography by John Crawford. Music by Thomas Oliver. (4:55)

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Undie 500 – police reviewing footage

### ODT Online Sat, 19 Sep 2009
More Undie arrests likely
By Debbie Porteous

Police warn they are likely to make more arrests next week after they review footage of the Undie 500 disorder in Dunedin. A team of officers has been assigned to review police video footage, still photographs and other evidence, to identify others involved.
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Malcolm Farry: “Inconceivable we won’t be ready in time”

### ODT Online Sat, 19 Sep 2009
World Cup backup plan
By David Loughrey
The Carisbrook Stadium Trust will have a backup plan for Rugby World Cup seats when they go on sale next year, in case the Forsyth Barr Stadium is not ready.
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Seating numbers:

Forsyth Barr Stadium
South stand: 10,784
North stand: 8450
East stand: 6060
West stand: 5220
Total: 30,514*
*Includes “terraces” with room for 3688 if seats removed.

Main stand: 2976
Rose stand: 3900
Railway stand: 7975
Terrace (standing): 5200
Terrace (seated): 1564
Hillside stand: 1589
Neville St stand: 3600
Temporary seats: 450
Suites: 1300
Total: 28,554


In the past total numbers have far exceeded the figure cited here for Carisbrook. What gives?????

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