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What is the New Zealand Urban Design Protocol?

The New Zealand Urban Design Protocol is a voluntary commitment to specific urban design initiatives by signatory organisations, which include central and local government, the property sector, design professionals, professional institutes and other groups.

The Protocol aims to make our towns and cities more successful by using quality urban design to help them become:

* Competitive places that thrive economically and facilitate creativity and innovation
* Liveable places that provide a choice of housing, work and lifestyle options
* A healthy environment that sustains people and nature
* Inclusive places that offer opportunities for all citizens
* Distinctive places that have a strong identity and sense of place
* Well-governed places that have a shared vision and sense of direction

The Protocol identifies seven essential design qualities:

* Context: Seeing that buildings, places and spaces are part of the whole town or city
* Character: Reflecting and enhancing the distinctive character, heritage and identity of our urban environment
* Choice: Ensuring diversity and choice for people
* Connections: Enhancing how different networks link together for people
* Creativity: Encouraging innovative and imaginative solutions
* Custodianship: Ensuring design is environmentally sustainable, safe and healthy
* Collaboration: Communicating and sharing knowledge across sectors, professions and with communities.

Learn more about the Protocol here.

Local signatories to the Protocol include:

Dunedin City Council
University of Otago

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Stadium fence signs

### ODT Online Sun, 13 Sep 2009
Your say
Turf war at the stadium?
By jcuknz

For a few days early last week Arrow displayed their signs on Anzac Street stadium wall. They have been replaced by Hawkins as are the signs on the Ravensbourne Road walls. Is there a turf war? Aside from that I noted the Arrow signs said “Building for future generations” … if I were a graffiti artist I would have been tempted to add “2 Pay 4”.
ODT Link


### ODT Online Mon, 14/09/2009 – 4:09pm.
Comment by Albino on Grasp at any straw

My information jcuknz (it didn’t take much investigation to find out the facts) is that the Arrow signs are not currently displayed because of mischievous graffiti, not any ‘turf war’ that all of the stadium opponents would like to prefer. The signs will be redisplayed in the same place very soon so apologies if I’ve ruined your party.
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The headaches of Mayor and Vice Chancellor


### TVNZ News 10:56AM Monday September 14, 2009
Dunedin picks up the pieces after riots
Source: ONE News
Dunedin picks up the pieces after riots (Source: ONE News)
After a weekend of Undie 500 student chaos in Dunedin, community leaders are now asking how can they stop it happening again.
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Video (5:16)


### Channel 9 News September 14, 2009 – 3:44pm
67 People charged following weekend fracas
Dunedin Police have laid charges against 67 people after a weekend of disorder in North Dunedin. Mayor Peter Chin is taking the weekend’s fracas to heart, as he has a strong connection with the University.
Video (1:35)


### RNZ National Monday, 14 September 2009
Morning Report with Geoff Robinson & Sean Plunket
06:39 Student car rally in spotlight after raucous weekend
Audio Ogg Vorbis MP3 (4:16)

07:12 Diversion not available to those in Undie 500 unrest
Audio Ogg Vorbis MP3 (4:09)

08:15 Calls for Dunedin City council to do more to prevent unrest
Audio Ogg Vorbis MP3 (10:16)


### ODT Online Mon, 14 Sep 2009
Castle St disorder ‘madness’: Key

Prime Minister John Key has called the chaotic aftermath of Undie 500 rally in Dunedin “madness”, saying some of the alleged rioters had blighted their lives.
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The Dunedin North working party is out of its depth on this one…

### ODT Online Mon, 14 Sep 2009
Editorial: Too lenient, too long

The news from the wider Dunedin campus area had been relatively good for the first seven months of this year, to judge from statistics published on Saturday: clearly, higher education seemed to be having some effect.
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Other stories in ODT:

67 charged over Undie unrest
Mayor riled after 80 arrests
Drivers regret rally becoming riot magnet
Student chaos spurs congregation bylaw call
Minimum liquor pricing sought
Undie 500 delivers for foodbanks
Drivers regret rally becoming riot magnet


What would real tourists say – not Undie 500 followers – if they visited on the weekend that was. Folks, council heads have been in the sand…

### ODT Online Mon, 14 Sep 2009
Visitors rate city as less ‘clean, pure
By Chris Morris

Tourists in search of a "clean and pure" Dunedin experience are less impressed than previously with what they find, a survey has found.
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