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Dunedin North and urban design expertise


13 September. A second night of mass disorder, violence and rioting in Castle St. The pleas of city leaders for students to behave responsibly went unheeded.

### ODT Online Sun, 13 Sep 2009
DCC criticised over Undie 500 preparedness
Students say Undie has created own hype
Video: Mob chants ‘Let’s start a riot’
Students and police clash for second night
Castle St cops run out of pepper spray

### 3 News Sun, 13 Sep 2009 5:08p.m.
Students pepper-sprayed in their own homes
Students are hitting back at police actions in Dunedin this weekend. Several claim they will go to the Independent Police Conduct Authority over being pepper-sprayed in their own homes.
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### 3 News Sun, 13 Sep 2009 4:59p.m.
Undie 500 rolls out of Dunedin, leaving carnage behind
3 News tried to get a comment from Otago University, with some serious questions about their students’ behaviour, but they would not front. They said they might put out a statement tomorrow.
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### 3 News Sun, 13 Sep 2009 1:41p.m.
Police Minister: Rioters are ‘rich little white kids’
Police Minister Judith Collions has slammed students involved in a second night of rioting in Dunedin, calling them “rich little white kids”.
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### Newstalk ZB 13/09/2009 8:56:01
No comment from Otago Uni after more mayhem
Otago University has nothing to say about the behaviour of students in Dunedin this weekend.
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### TVNZ News Published: 6:27AM Sunday September 13, 2009
Dunedin in recovery after Undie mayhem
Source: ONE News
Dunedin is on Sunday putting itself back together after a second night of student riots at the Undie 500 rally.
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Video (3:26)


12 September. On morning radio Mayor Peter Chin said he was “Pissed off” by last night’s Undie 500 fracas in Castle St. He knew it would happen, he said.


If the city council continues to support/childmind the university as the city’s largest employer (and by god, hasn’t the council just gifted the university its own stadium using ratepayer and taxpayer dollars – the ultimate throwaway exercise in philanthropy) to the detriment of all other community investment in the city for 20 years or more…


if the city council, through a complete lack of foresight and observably deficient city planning to date, allows people to buy up north end housing stocks for student flats [read cash cows – student loans go straight to local and absentee property investors who by a majority, it seems, experience great difficulty reinvesting the loot to upgrade the accommodation to world health standards or better]…

and in so doing, or rather “by not doing”,

the city council with its hands off the rising social, economic, criminal and behavioural problems only succeeds in pushing out older residents, professionals and families in the north end…


the city council thereby has an immediate duty of care to turn around the erosion of community and neighbourhood values…

and yes,

cumulatively, there is a greater metropolitan area of Dunedin – SOUTH and NORTH – in need of NOW VERY BELATED urban design advice and assistance for the short, medium and long term…

This costs, but so does doing nothing at a much much greater cost – as the Mayor might very well swear at today.


### TVNZ News Updated: 17:37
Published: 4:40PM Saturday September 12, 2009
Undie 500 outlived welcome: Mayor, MP
Source: NZPA/ONE News
The controversial Undie 500 has outlived its welcome in Dunedin and the city’s mayor and Dunedin North MP Pete Hodgson want to put an end to the rally.
Dunedin police were forced to don riot gear and use pepper spray to disperse student mobs during overnight partying after the rally arrived in the city.
About 20 have been arrested after more than 600 people pelted officers with bottles, bricks and bicycle parts in the student stronghold of North Dunedin.
Read more Video

Amateur video: Undie 500 riots in Dunedin (3:12)
Source: ONE News


### RNZ News Updated at 4:21pm on 12 September 2009
Mayor tells students to trash own city
Dunedin mayor Peter Chin says the rally is not welcome. He says the students should trash their own city if they want to run an event and he hopes those arrested get no sympathy from the courts. He says there’s likely to be more unruly behaviour on Saturday night because of the presence of media.
Calls to can event
Dunedin North MP Pete Hodgson says [the] rally should be scrapped. He says Dunedin is very tolerant when it comes to students but this sort of trouble can’t continue year after year and it’s time to put a stop to it.
RNZ Link


### ODT Online Sat, 12 Sep 2009
Undie 500 outlived welcome – Chin
Castle St burns, again
Video: Undie 500 descends into chaos

### ODT Online Sat, 12/09/2009 – 6:50pm.
Comment by BammBamm on Assignments
I see two of my students partying it up on the ODT website photographs of the riots last night whom have asked for extensions for internal assessment. It would be a mistake to assume that they will dealt with leniently from now on.


### 3 News Sat, 12 Sep 2009 5:31p.m.
Dunedin students behind Undie 500 chaos, say organisers
Dunedin students face a police crackdown tonight after disgraceful scenes on the streets of the city. As the area was cleaned up today, residents were hoping tonight would be quieter. “I wish they’d put the fire hoses on them,” says local Lorraine Bruce.
3 News Link + Video

Watch raw, uncut footage of the partying here.


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South Dunedin and urban design expertise

### ODT Online Sat, 12 Sep 2009
Editorial: South Dunedin

Parts of the South Dunedin business district would make a picturesque period film set. Pan past the occasional incongruous blip to focus on the verandas and the brick, and the historic architectural charm belies a rundown air.
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