Stadium – Stakeholders report 14.9.09

The following report goes to the Dunedin City Council Finance and Strategy Committee on Monday.

Note the file size if you’re on dialup.

Report – FSC – 14/09/2009 (PDF, 5.1 mb, new window)
Stakeholders Report

The Carisbrook Stadium Trust progress report, contained in the Stakeholders Report, is dated 12 August 2009 and was approved by the CST Board 17 August 2009.


At page 9 of the report it says:


We have developed all the required business stationery and have the brand guidelines in place for the new brand. We have copyrighted the brand and its distinctive marks in all the necessary categories including merchandise. It was necessary to write to the Stop The Stadium during this month to request that they remove one of our brand devices from their website. They complied with the request. We have, as mentioned earlier, used the brand in scroll advertising during the Air New Zealand Cup.

We are also placing the brand on the fence surrounding the stadium. We are working with Keep Dunedin Beautiful to fill the fence with community art work. We currently await resource consent for this project.


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10 responses to “Stadium – Stakeholders report 14.9.09

  1. Phil

    That’s interesting reading, thanks for the link. Interesting to see that the supply of seating is a client purchased item, outside of the GMP. Presumably taken from the 3 million client purchase fund. If I recall correctly, this forum speculated on exactly that process. Chocolate fishes all round. Anyone know what else is a client purchased item ? It would be good if there was a list somewhere.

  2. Rosemary

    I haven’t followed the link to the full report but what is excerpted has sufficiently raised my ire. The fence is to be decorated with funds from Keep Dunedin Beautiful. Keep Dunedin Beautiful is yet another community organisation whose funds are going into the stadium. Leave the fence white. Allow protesters to cover it completely with anti-stadium slogans. Do anything but use yet another community fund to pay for yet another unbudgeted cost of the stadium.

    • Elizabeth

      Glancing at section 3.0 Operational – Summary (page 10), we read:

      Our current financial projections will need some adjustment now that further information regarding building and ground maintenance/turf management issues are becoming clearer, but as we still await costs any updates or assessment on impact will be made in due course. We are working towards a recommendation regarding ground maintenance/turf management.


      Still guessing whether turf management is going to be a problem if it’s an issue here described.

  3. Peter

    Interesting to read that by this time next year the external structure will be pretty much complete with all the ETFE roof in place by the end of October 2010. Just the East Stand will remain with work proper not starting on it until November 2010.

    • Elizabeth

      Talking to an architect today, the project has to spend $2 million per month each month to the construction deadline. That’s pumping it.

  4. Phil

    I read about the turf too. I’m not going to dare to speculate, except to say that good news is usually reported as being good news.

    Keep Dunedin Beautiful provides a lot of funding towards grafitti removal around the city. From memory. I hope that the amount being offered isn’t being taken away from that fund. From memory, when the same offer was made to decorate the Wall Street hoardings, it was on the basis that the client would provide all the materials. Presumably it’s the same in this case. Not that it’s a lot of money in the grand scheme of the project.

  5. Phil

    Most construction contracts generally expend a minimal of money in the first stage, and a minimal amount in the final final stage. The middle portion is reasonably constant with the majority of the expenditure. If you graph it, it tends to look like a bit like slightly forward sloping “S”. With total costs to date in the vertical axis, and time in the horizontal.

    So it should start to ramp up in costs in a couple of months time.

    • Elizabeth

      Quite so. I left out the context of the conversation which having dished an average…led to comparing the ‘$2m monthly spend’ with another recent fast build project of size in town. The dangers of maths. But the conversation did put the stadium project in a certain light as to unhealthy deadline task.

  6. Phil

    Some big ticket items will quickly boost the total expenditure. The roof covering for example. No idea what that’s worth to buy, but say it’s around 20 million. So there will be some cashflow spikes along the way. The comforting part about those is that you know exactly when you’ll be needing that money. It’s when you get a contract with a large labour content that it can be a bit tricky to forecast. The majority of the 130 mill in this contract will be materials, where prices have presumably been fixed. It could probably absorb a labour cost over run without too much damage. Probably.

  7. Elizabeth

    Further to presentation of the Stakeholders report to DCC yesterday…

    ### Channel 9 News September 15, 2009 – 8:12pm
    Stadium starts under budget

    There have been concerns about the guaranteed maximum price of the city’s new stadium, since before it was named. But figures tabled at yesterday’s DCC Finance and Strategy meeting may hold a little hope for the future.

    In the item, Malcolm talks excitedly about lowering the environmental impact [of the stadium project]: “At one stage…recycling 90% of what we were demolishing.”

    And that was just at “one stage”. Ye gods. Tell me again, how unsustainable the entire stadium project is. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT, MALCOLM.
    It doesn’t take much maths to work that out.

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