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Glink’s “xtra” non sustainability banner + Civis

### ODT Online Fri, 04/09/2009 – 1:15pm.
Comment by Glink on Old stadium just that

Sorry but the old Carisbrook stadium is just that – old.
It’s a disgrace of a place in modern terms (sorry I know it has history but that’s all it has). And I would say who are the idiots but the ones who did spend nine million doing up a shed.
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### ODT Sat, 5 Sept 2009 (page 39)
Passing Notes
By Civis

I see vengeance appears still to be on the agenda of the stadium stoppers, they having at long last conceded the reality of their defeat. The new target, so I read, is to ensure all the councillors who supported the stadium are defeated at next year’s local body elections. To what purpose?

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City waterfronts

### Radio New Zealand National 101FM 6 September 2009
Sunday Morning with Chris Laidlaw
8:12 Insight: Waterfront Wars
Insight looks at the on-going tussle over the development of the waterfronts in Auckland and Wellington. Can new buildings re-vitalise the areas or should open space be preserved for public access?
Written and presented by Eric Frykberg
Audio | Download: Ogg MP3 (26′ 27″)


### RNZ National Friday, 04 September 2009 08:50
Morning Report with Geoff Robinson & Sean Plunket
Activists cautious of waterfront development
Activists remain on watch as Wellington and Auckland city authorities intensify development of their waterfronts. (duration: 3′20″)
Audio | Download: Ogg Vorbis MP3 (3′ 20″)

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