A timely reminder

For those who visit and/or participate in this public forum on the Stadium, you will appreciate that I will accept a wide range of opinions from both sides of the camp. This is good for a robust conversation about this development.

However this is a timely reminder that although I set this site up as a forum for free and frank discussion, I do not have the time to check every single comment made on this site, and thus it is a place for people to moderate their own conversations – just as you would if you were talking face to face with people.

Unless you have the facts 100% correct about someone in particular (with the result that your comments could be defamatory), I would respectfully request that you keep your comments and thoughts to yourself. If you have checked these facts and continue to believe them to be true, and then in the public interest you wish these to be published, by all means contact me first.

I do not have the time to fend off lawyers because some are prepared to make cheap throw away lines. Unfortunately if we are unable to do so, I will be forced to close comments on this site.

Come on folks, you are all aware of the rules of life.

Have a great day, cheers



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