Counsel for STS denies Jim Harland's claim

### ODT Online Thu, 20 Aug 2009
STS denies own rules breached
By David Loughrey

The Dunedin City Council took on Stop the Stadium’s processes at the Court of Appeal in Wellington this week, claiming the group did not stick to the rules within its own constitution. That claim was denied by Stop the Stadium’s counsel, who said while internal documents had not been released to the council, the rules had been followed.
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4 responses to “Counsel for STS denies Jim Harland's claim

  1. Phil

    ok, so the argument was that “they are worse than us” ? My mum never bought that line either. That’s about as good as “my Dad’s bigger than your Dad”. I understand what Jim is implying, but as I have mentioned previously, if the process is correct and sound then there shouldn’t be a problem in having it examined. All contracts have been signed, so nothing is commercially sensitive any more. Trying to have a review dismissed by trying to get rid of the complainant does hint at having something to hide. That was a really unnecessary tactic. Knowing that it would appear in the mainstream media. Throwing the project books down on the table, leaning back in their chairs and saying “there you go, knock yourselves out” would give so much more confidence to people. A poor approach in my opinion.

  2. meg55

    It seemed a fairly desperate claim from Jim Harland to me and I hope the judge censures him on it.
    Waiting anxiously for news of the Court of Appeal decision. I hope the editors have the time to keep their ears open and give us the news as soon as they find out. Don’t assume STS members will be the first to know.

  3. Adrian

    Superb. The right decision reached and time to look forward to the rejuventation of Dunedin. This is an historic day in that rationality and vision won out over hysteria and closed-mindedness.

  4. David

    Adrian – rejuvenation??? That’s funny.

    Because of the stadium we can now forget any major projects for the next twenty years, like the now shelved waterfront development.

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