My God they are relentless….

Relentlessly ignorant/arrogant aren’t they.


I mean really, where does David O’Kane get off in that section of the ODT commonly known as Grumpy Kiwi central, moaning about the stadium turf.

It’s that line “If Not, Why Not”. The bloody smug arrogance of it. It smacks of that famous Dunedin anti-stadium affliction, “I know all the answers and the CST hasn’t thought of anything”.

It screams of, “I bet the CST hasn’t even considered this” mentality, and it’s bloody boring people. We’ve all heard it before with countless ‘the public knows best’ comments. However I would have thought this sort of stuff would have died down by now. Argh!

I did like the response from the CST though, essentially it was “yawn, yes we have tested this, and we did consider putting down scrum after scrum, and yawn, yes we did test placebo strips of grass…”

Once again the man in the street knows best eh.


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4 responses to “My God they are relentless….

  1. Elizabeth

    The latest from CST on the turf is contained in their progress report to the Dunedin City Council meeting on Monday. See item under ‘Construction’ on page 3:

    “Looking forward, co-ordinating the turf programme into the overall construction programme remains critical. There is still some work to do until this can be fully resolved and it therefore remains a programme risk.”

    Report – Council – 17/08/2009 (PDF, 36.6 kb, new window)
    Stakeholders report

    CST’s progress report (24 July 2009) is an attachment to the Stakeholders Report.

  2. Phil

    I think we’ll just have to accept that the grass issue will continue to be the ongoing target. Until people have seen the finished product up and running. One of the excitements of the great unknown. For the project team as well.

  3. David

    Even experts have said that the truth is they won’t really know how well the grass will (or will not) grow until the stadium is built.

    For example the winter “hot-house” effect of a plastic roof a couple of metres above the grass in the test rigs is going to be far greater than a roof 30m higher.

    Similarly essential air circulation will be much less in the stadium.

    There’s only one way to really get a good idea from a test rig, and that’s by building a full size one – i.e. like experts have said, we’ll only really know how big the problems are after the stadium is finished.

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