CST proposes event Edinburgh excels at…

### ODT Online Fri, 14 Aug 2009
Tattoo plan for stadium
By Chris Morris

Dunedin could add to its reputation as the Edinburgh of the South, with plans to host a “Dunedin Tattoo”, with performers from around the world. Carisbrook Stadium Trust officials have begun discussions.
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Report – Council – 17/08/2009 (PDF, 36.6 kb, new window)
Stakeholders report

CST’s stadium progress report (24 July 2009) is an attachment to the Stakeholders Report.


Fascinating reading…

Report – Council 17/08/2009 (PDF, 31.2 kb, new window)
Appointment of Director to ORFU Board


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20 responses to “CST proposes event Edinburgh excels at…

  1. Peter

    It’s interesting to read the paper for council on appointing a DCC director to the Highlanders Board.

    The summary reads “It is also recommended that the Dunedin Venues Management Ltd Subcommittee’s power be extended to include the identification and recommendation to the Council of a suitable director to the Highlanders Board and to discuss with the NZRU the proposed candidate.”

    The Stakeholders report refers to ‘the CEO of the Dunedin Venues Management Ltd/CST’ as one and the same person.

    It’s all a bit less than transparent at the moment as the name ‘Dunedin Venues Management Ltd’ is only listed as reserved by the Companies Office and therefore its directors etc are not yet public domain.

  2. Phil

    This is the first time that I’ve seen the name Dunedin Venues Management Ltd and CST linked together. Is DVM the Council owned company that has been talked about, linking all Council owned events complexes together ? The name does tend to suggest such. If so, I wasn’t aware that this was already underway, I thought it was just a proposal. And, if so, is it simply a transformation of the CST. As it looks ? Doesn’t seem like a very fair and competitive process to me if that’s the case. The Trust already has a head start on any other candidate.

    Of course, if DVM is nothing to do with the proposed Council owned company, then my apologies in advance to all concerned. If you never ask, you never know.

  3. Phil

    Ok, obviously I’ve missed a few things here. I see that Council considered applications for positions of Directors of DVM back in mid July. So it’s obviously up and running now. Doesn’t pay to go to sleep, does it.

  4. Elizabeth

    Phil- see this re the CST/Events management connection

    [ODT] “As part of the job description, the successful applicant [for the CST Chief Executive position] would need to ensure the stadium was completed on or ahead of schedule, and provide an events schedule for the venue.”

  5. Phil

    Oh, ok. Well that article does make the connection very clear between CST and DVM. It’s been a day of enlightenment.

  6. David

    Clearly there’d be no big finale with fireworks like the Tattoo traditionally has.

    But how will the roof handle fireworks or flares landing on the top, (i.e. from studentville).

    Which of course brings in questions of crowd safety if this happened during an event.

    Presumably the EFTE is fireproof otherwise it wouldn’t pass safety regulations?

  7. James

    EFTE does burn, but the key aspect from a safety point of view is its V0 rating on the vertical burn test, which means that it doesn’t drip as it burns, and will stop burning in under 10 seconds after two 10 second applications of a flame source.
    This would suggest that a firework landing on the top of the roof would likely burn a small hole through the roof, but it would be the falling firework, not the roof that was problematic

    Click to access UL94_Rating.pdf

    Note that this is 3 steps above the lowest ‘self-extinguishing’ level.

  8. James

    Bah. ETFE. Which incidentally is very similar to teflon (PTFE) which is behind the self-cleaning claim. Apparently stuff just doesn’t stick to it.

  9. David

    Good info James.

    The self cleaning properties might be tested. I took a picture a few weeks ago of massive dust clouds coming off the quarry – so much that it looked like a big factory fire from where I was on the other side of the city.

    I note the self cleaning claim for ETFE only exists when there is the assistance of a reasonable amount of rain.

    Sounds like pretty good stuff though.

  10. Phil

    Generally speaking a roof of any building doesn’t require any fire rating. Under the current building regulations. In fact, the less a roof can resist fire, the better. The idea is that fire can quickly escape, via the roof. And not be trapped inside, increasing temperatures.

    I understand the EFTE is self extinguishing. Meaning that it needs to have flame from another source physically touching constantly, in order for the EFTE surface to burn. EFTE on it’s own, will not burn, or aid the spread of fire.

    Flammability and fire resistance are not really an issue for this roof.

  11. James

    One further point — when EFTE burns, it produces some pretty nasty & corrosive fluorine gases, but most large scale fires are nasty that way; and I’m assuming that the stadium on the whole won’t be a terribly flammable structure (mostly steel and concrete).

    As for terrorist attacks on the fuel storage facilities, I’ve seen the size of the hazard zones on the DCC hazard maps. I think they have have a 2km radius? Obviously, it would be worse closer, but if they go up, the stadium is hardly going to be the only thing affected.

  12. Richard

    Just for the record, as I understand it, a promoter approached the CST to propose the running of a tattoo, not the other way around.

  13. James

    Madge? I’m not sure she’s much of a drawcard any more.
    Pearl Jam on the other hand. Half of a certain demographic is heading to AMI stadium for that.

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