D Scene, a quiet week for stadium, apart from the bamms

Not an exciting week for stadium mentions…
[But hey, museum board and management are doing a great “keep-down-put-down” job on staff and ex staff. Read more about it…]

### D Scene 12-8-09
Your say: Paying the Price (page 9)
By Barry Gibbons, Mosgiel
With the over-valuation of properties, increased rates, Otago Regional rate rises, and the increase in the cost of the stadium, someone’s got to pay for it and it stops here with us, the ratepayers, so get used to it.

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Rugby decline a positive (page 13)
By Joseph Romanos
It’s not a bad thing that interest in rugby is declining. New Zealand is no longer a rugby, racing and beer society, and thank goodness for that. Boys attending big colleges aren’t automatically shepherded towards rugby. There is much more individual choice. Our country is growing up.

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