Logan Park hits the brakes

The stadium’s potential pulling-power as a home for sporting organisations and groups, such as the academy or Unipol, had to be considered… –Mick Reece, DCC

### ODT Online Thu, 30 Jul 2009
Logan Park plans shelved for now
By Chris Morris
Plans for the $12 million redevelopment of Logan Park, considered the most important recreational space in Dunedin, are going back to the drawing board.
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From the incredible files…

At ODT Online:

More parking ….
Submitted by MikeStk on Thu, 30/07/2009 – 6:22am.

A friend pointed out last night that she thought the real reason for wanting to replace the grass at Logan Park is because the DCC has finally realised that the stadium has no real parking for patrons available (less now that students have been pushed into the area by the recent parking changes), and the city doesn’t have enough buses to keep normal services running at the same time and to bring people to the stadium. As a result she thinks they’ve decided that Logan Park will make a great parking lot.

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26 responses to “Logan Park hits the brakes

  1. Elizabeth

    The rethink might be the opportunity we need to save the Park’s avenue of trees that in the previous scheme would have got the chop…
    And the chance to integrate passive recreation and pathways that got lost in the binge to provide for organised sport…

  2. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Thu, 6 Aug 2009
    Cricket: Uni Oval boundary dispute may be solved
    By Adrian Seconi

    For the past three years, the former Dunedin art gallery building at Logan Park has stood in the way of the Dunedin City Council and Otago Cricket Association’s shared vision to expand the University Oval cricket ground. A resolution now appears imminent.
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  3. James

    One thing I’m confused about WRT to the University Oval re-development. Why did they not move the grandstand, instead of aiming to get rid of the old art gallery? It seems that the grandstand while ‘historic’ isn’t registered, and it is a case of facade-ism. I remember seeing a digger sitting in the middle, surrounded by the curtain wall, which along with the roof, was the only part of the original structure that remained in place.

    Also perplexed at calls to convert Carisbrook into a cricket facility. The University Oval is a great place to watch cricket, much warmer and more sheltered than Carisbrook.

  4. James

    Thanks Elizabeth. I was under the impression that the grandstand was registered, but couldn’t find it, and now I know why; those links will be useful for future reference.

    That will explain then, why re-siting the grandstand wasn’t considered as an option. I’m quite torn on this one, as I really enjoy it both as a place to watch cricket, but also for the buildings and the trees.

  5. James

    I certainly wasn’t suggesting they should give up the University Oval. I was looking on googlemaps, and it seems they really are stuck in terms of enlarging the ground. Things in all directions.

    Relatedly, I see that wikipedia is now integrated with googlemaps, and as I was wondering over the town, I saw that the Meridian’s facade was an Anscombe design…

  6. Richard

    If Carisbrook is retained for sporting use after 2011, it will not just be for rugby! That’s my view anyway, what might happen is still – as I have noted here previously – “a coming attraction!”

  7. Richard; “If Carisbrook is retained for sporting use after 2011.” A $7millon extension of the stadium.

    Will it be called “Forsyth Barr University Plaza South Branch”?

  8. Richard

    Gee Calvin, you are out of date. For a start, check my previous postings on this subject. Then check the ODT for 6 February. Then check the confirmed LTCCP for 2009/19. And so on, Cheers!

  9. Richard;
    Dunderhead that I am, as I am sure you will agree. I cannot find any reference in the LTCCP for 2009/19 to the purchase of Carisbrook or any mention in the financials to the funding. I would appeal to your greater understanding of these things Richard, and ask if you would quote the relevant page numbers for me.

  10. Richard

    LTCCP, page 170 under ‘Property Investment – New Investment’ $7 million as provided for back when The Brook was taken out of the new stadium mix. (as reported in the ODT 6.2.09 but they misinterpreted the effect.).

    I explained this back on 18.6.09: ” As the report in the ODT on 6/2/09 said: ‘The sale of Carisbrook had been removed from the stadium budget equation.” The effect of this being removed is shown on pages 2.16 and 2.17 where the SURPLUS anticipated by the CST to be realised from the sale of Carisbrook was REMOVED. The consequence of that was that the land cost for the Stadium increased by that amount instead of reducing.”

    I was away over July on family business – my blogs were done from ‘afar’ – and so I did not keep track of the ‘thread/s’ under which my later posts on The Brook were made, more particularly as to why we might need The Brook for sporting activities and the important role it – and other ‘spaces’ – have in any redevelopment of South Dunedin and Caversham etc.

    Elizabeth may be able to turn them up – if she has the time and patience.

  11. Richard;
    Thanks for that.

  12. Richard

    Thanks, Elizabeth, much appreciated. If nothing else, CONSISTENT!

  13. Rosemary

    Elizabeth, why could Carisbrook not be a shared facility for cricket & local rugby? They used to share. And surely demolishing yet more of the old art gallery is undesirable?

    And is there a reason that the cricket oval isn’t on the west side of Art Gallery Drive? I seem to remember cricket being played there in the past.

  14. James

    Rosemary, Carisbrook could be a shared facility for local rugby and LOCAL cricket. They used to share before they started playing rugby in February.

    As for why not cricket on the west side of the Art Gallery Drive, they do play LOCAL cricket there. The oval is used for provincial and international cricket because of the Edward Anscombe designed grandstand already on that site. I believe this Category I structure had been condemned (the canopy was in bad shape, I think), and that if they’d set up cricket on the west side, the stand may have been demolished. For reasons Elizabeth might be able to shed light on, this plan included removing part or all of the art gallery.

  15. Richard

    Cricket moved from The ‘Brook to The University Oval because it wanted a ground suited for the game and its ‘own home’ just as Wellington and – in particular – Hamilton have. (Christchurch is still looking; Auckland have Eden Park No.2).

    The restoration/redevelopment of the grandstand at the oval was a consequence of that move, not the reason.

  16. Further with the advent of the Super 12/14 rugby encroached on the playing season of cricket big time and it was a logistical nightmare keeping the field up to cricket standards.

    I LOVE the University Oval, over time I think it could be as Iconic in NZ cricket folklore as my other fav ground The Basin Reserve.

  17. Anonymous

    $1 million is 1% on the rates.

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