DCC in firing line

Again, what is public consultation – it’s not a desktop exercise…

### ODT Online Tue, 28 Jul 2009
Editorial: Losing the plot

Seldom has the Dunedin City Council been under such sustained opprobrium as at present. Every move seems to bring a torrent of criticism. While the fiercest and most bitter attacks have come through opposition to the Forsyth Barr Stadium, a series of other matters have also raised ire, protest or disquiet.
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9 responses to “DCC in firing line

  1. David

    So they’re going to take one of Dunedin’s iciest streets – Lovelock Ave, and make it twice as steep.

    That breaks the number one rule of council – if you’re going to spend millions of dollars, don’t make things worse than they currently are.

  2. David

    My wife had to drive up Lovelock Ave every morning last year. She had several close calls with cars coming down sliding on ice and eventually stopped using it in mornings altogether, driving all the way around the gardens instead, until winter finished.

    The proposed route where the current footpath is, is steep – very steep.

    If cars regularly lose control at the current grade, then the proposal will be a death trap.

  3. James

    Cars mostly lose control on the bottom half (which will be unchanged). The current upper roadway gets reasonable sun through winter. I’m not sure how the new stretch of roadway will be sun/ice-wise, but one advantage of the existing set up is that you can slow down before the hairpin, and then hopefully maintain a sensible descent for the rest of the journey.

  4. Richard

    At one point during the submission process when (I think) a petition was presented on behalf of concerned Opoho residents – and having disposed of the notion that the Opoho ‘tram’ loop would be closed – I was prompted by something that was said to ask the question “Why not just close Lovelock Avenue”?.

    After a momentary pause, the spokesperson for the petitioners said – quite frankly – that “He was unable to comment as it had never been discussed or raised”. Full marks, many would have ventured “an instant opinion”.

    The exchange was interestingly never reported.

    Subsequently one person – not an Opoho resident – ventured to me the opinion that “if the matter was one of putting a public road through The Botanic Garden”, we would have an entirely different debate going on.”

    As if ‘parking’ isn’t enough!

    Nevertheless it does show yet again that people do think about these things in ways that just do not fit into the formal consultation process and express them in conversation.

    For the record, Lovelock Avenue, as it exists, is not a legal road but it is a public road given that public funds have been expended on it. A technicality.

  5. James

    Hi Richard — just popping this here as I expect you’ll see it. I don’t know if this has been considered along the way, but I was wondering whether a stored value smartcard is possible for the parking meters? I know hindsight is a great thing, but it’s a pity its not possible to pay for parking & bus with the ORC GoCard. Could be an interesting idea for the future.

  6. James

    I’m a regular bus user, and I don’t particularly mind paying — I’d prefer more regular services. The main thing that drives to me to, well, drive, is the gaps between bus services during the day.

    And while I like the idea of a staff/student card, better access to buses should be for everyone.

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