Facebook campaign v DCC

Is it worth it?
We note the increase in Facebook referrals to What if?…
Today, ODT’s front page article says the What if? Stadium of Dunedin site “contributed to lively debate”… ODT, thanks for the heads up and free advertising.

### ODT Online Fri, 24 Jul 2009
Bagging DCC an instant online hit
By Chris Morris

A new online group which says the Dunedin City Council has “lost the plot” has become an instant hit on the social networking site Facebook. The group was launched by Dunedin musician Chris Keogh on July 17, but days later its membership had increased to more than 1600 people.
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8 responses to “Facebook campaign v DCC

  1. Elizabeth

    I went in briefly to Chris Keogh’s group to check out the discussion and the members. That was a wasted exercise: one or two STS types, a heap of ‘children’ identified by their schools, NZers currently overseas, friends and family of Dunedinites, and piles of people with nothing to say et al – given the lack of postings generally. And do they know what Dunedin City Council does anyway and will this group tell them and could they care. Even more bleak than the ‘new’ STS website.

  2. Richard

    I have to say that I agree with you, Elizabeth. The billing fails to deliver on the publicity!

    What I read is pretty lightweight such as ‘poo in the ocean’ and piping treated sewage to land .. somewhere.

    The former has not happened for (what) 25/30 years.

    As for discharge of treated sewage effluent to land. Lack of easily accessible permeable soils, the cost of pumping etc and, as I recall understandable cultural objections by local iwi, put paid to that years ago.

    All good ‘fun’ I guess and, of course, most of the the ‘posters’ won’t be hanging around when they graduate anyway although I do note some of the regular STS lot popping up since the ODT report. Surprise!

    The ODT made it sound as if all the subscribers (about 1,500) had posted but – when I last looked – there were less than 100 posts? A long way to catch this website!

    As I see it, the problem with this river of instant comment on serious subjects, is that there is no-one to shepherd it, to give substance to any debate. And therein lies a host of challenges and pitfalls.

    Consultation? The key to that will be the ability of someone to create a consensus built on reality.

    Otherwise all the voices will float in the ether, their messages.

  3. Richard

    Their messages LOST. (Like that word dropping off)!

  4. My experience with a wide range of social media over the last few years has led me to believe that art does indeed imitate life, in that it’s easier and easier these days to become a member of the great Kiwi knocking machine, and less likely to see people contribute meaningfully to most debates.

  5. David

    Paul – you complain about the great kiwi knocking machine, just after you knocked calls for –
    – a harbour perimeter cycle / walkway
    – better harbour access
    – more harbourside parking / picnic spots
    – having places where people can actually stop, park and look at our amazing views.

  6. Richard

    “The ODT made it SOUND as if all the subscribers (about 1,500) had posted (comments)”.

    That comment reflected how some were representing the ODT report, including in an email or two to me.

    For the record, I note that the ODT report did refer to more than 130 messages.

    For completeness, perhaps I should have said so.
    Whatever, the ODT and the writer of the item cannot be blamed for the “sound” that some have heard.

  7. Elizabeth; could you define more explicitly what you mean by “STS types.”

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