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D Scene: mere trifles

Last week, editor Ryan Keen invited readers to send in nicknames for the stadium. In this week’s edition there isn’t a terrific number of suggestions or terms of endearment.

It used to be the “Awatea Street stadium” (note lower case s), then “Otago Stadium”, superseded by “Forsyth Barr Stadium” at what’s it.

When Malcolm Farry suggested “it” as a place students would visit for lunch – a beer and a pie – a few of us adopted the “Plastic Lunch Box” or more simply the “Lunch Box”, to rival as well as complement Wellington’s “Cake Tin”. Why not?

We’ve also had “Awatea Albatross” (glorified in a Garrick Tremain cartoon), “Flying Pig”, “White Elephant”, “Farry’s Folly”, “Farrisbrook”…and special un-names like the cow shed, and OMG, the rugby pavilion.

There are those of us who swear at it.

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### D Scene 15-7-09 (page 10)
Your say: Naming the new stadium
“Farry’s Glory Box” – Bill Bennett, Wingatui
“The House of Drain” – Kerry Hand, Dunedin
“faith, hope and charity” – ID Fincham, Mornington
“Glasshouse” – Brian Holden, Tainui
“Thorp”, short for “The House Of Ratepayers’ Pain” – Johan La Rooy, St Leonards

Other tacks at Your Say:

N Poole of Green Island hopes the investment made by the council in Carisbrook will keep it as a sports venue, “as there are going to be major costs coming up to keep the sea from eating the sports grounds along Victoria Road”.

JM Bruce of Dunedin says it’s not too late to withdraw from the Awatea St stadium contract… “It’s time for common sense, councillors”.

Sick of it Adrian Jansen of Port Chalmers says: “The stadium was a lucrative deal for what Chris Roy calls business people.”

Be concerned Syd Adie of Brockville believes “the ratepayers pulled ORFU out of debt and will keep them debt-free”.


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