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Chin's writing team and the dull thuds

Today in the Otago Daily Times, Mayor Peter Chin emoted a response to two letters to the editor that, I suggest, includes part-texts that others at DCC have dished up as the party line.

The letters and the reply address DCC’s purchase of Carisbrook. But where ORFU truly sits in the council’s financial plans, heaven knows. Don’t depend on the mayor to tell us. Perhaps Cr Guest will leak it, inadvertently.

The mayor’s response appears to have some reliance on the DCC letter sent to all Annual Plan/LTCCP submitters on the stadium – a most unfortunate communication that has won little public reaction; no doubt people have seen it for what it is.

I’ll lead in here with Garrick Tremain’s latest offering as we reflect on DCC’s movements of late – and briefly cite the ODT correspondence.

All this is accompanied by the sound of stadium pile driving tonight (18:38pm). The dull repetitive thuds of DCC’s errant business planning!

Cartoonist’s view – Tremain

### ODT Monday, July 13, 2009 (page 8)
Letters to the editor
Carisbrook price an added cost for stadium

Letter by Calvin Oaten, Pine Hill
Dunedin City Council chief executive Jim Harland, in his reply to my questions (ODT, 12.6.09), leaves me even more troubled than before. When asked why the DCC bought Carisbrook, his reply was: “to assist the ORFU as anchor tenant in the new stadium and to secure a piece of industrial land for the future of the city”.

Letter by Philip Temple, Dunedin
The CEO of the Dunedin Cit Council, Jim Harland, in reply to a correspondent (12.6.09) stated that the DCC was buying Carisbrook “to assist the ORFU as anchor tenant in the new stadium” and that the purchase price (still unknown) was not budgeted into the stadium cost because “the council’s concern is to ensure the ORFU is in a viable financial position looking into the future”.

Mayor Peter Chin replies: “Whether the ORFU is described as ‘an anchor tenant’ or ‘major hirer’ or ‘key stakeholder’ is only a matter of semantics. The fact is that a successful ORFU is important to the success of the stadium.”

The full letters and the reply are available in print and digital editions of the ODT.


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