Eion Edgar on ‘stadium haters’

Another Old Boys’ Club member with a closed mind to genuine opposition.

### nbr.co.nz Monday July 6 2009 – 07:56am
Forsyth Barr head confident Dunedin stadium haters will ‘see the light’
By Robert Smith
Any large construction project launched in New Zealand these days will attract criticism from those who can only see the negative, but the head of Dunedin stadium sponsor Forsyth Barr says he pays little attention to the doubters.
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● Mr Edgar is a member of the NBR rich-list and 2004’s NBR New Zealander of the Year.

Forsyth Barr will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2011, when the stadium is due to be completed in time for the Rugby World Cup.

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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4 responses to “Eion Edgar on ‘stadium haters’

  1. Elizabeth

    I’m not at all sure Mr Edgar used the phrase ‘stadium haters’, possibly it was the NBR’s reporter or sub-editor.

    But meanwhile back at home…another term: “stadium stoppers”. This one’s a bit tongue in cheek since NOTHING will stop the stadium, not a stopper, not a cork, not one sunken pile. Alas.

    And still no viable business case for the stadium’s future operation.

    ###ODT Online Mon, 06/07/2009 – 3:08pm.
    Comment by PaulontheBay on Stop the stoppers

    I’m not sure how long the ODT will continue to give these people a forum to regurgitate ad nauseum the same tired and failed arguments.
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  2. Richard

    And the EDGAR Stadium?

  3. Calvin Oaten

    The re-run of Edgar’s statement re the sponsorship deal plus Paul on the Bay’s comments tie in nicely with Terry Davies’ selfie in a thousand ‘huffs’ in Saturday’s ODT. Brown nose, Wendy and Peter Pan all in together.

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