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DCC 2009 Residents’ Opinion Survey

### Channel 9 Online July 6, 2009 – 8:00pm
Residents Opinion Survey Released Today
Dunedin City Council Chief Executive Jim Harland presented the findings of the 2009 Residents Opinion Survey today. Speaking at the Mayor’s Reception Chambers, Harland delivered a mixed bag of results; with one downward trend standing out.

### ODT Online Tue, 7 Jul 2009
Council survey shows plunging confidence level
By Chris Morris
The impact of the global economic downturn is reflected in the Dunedin City Council’s latest residents’ opinion survey.
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█ There has been an 11% drop in the number of people who see Dunedin as a thriving city. Mr Harland attributes this to the global recession, which is the worst one since the 1920s. More than 1,300 ratepayers were surveyed. This number from the 4,500 surveys sent out in the post. DCC Link

Or how the “silent majority” was found…

Purpose of the survey:
One way the Council gauges the views of the “silent majority” is through the annual Residents’ Opinion Survey, or ROS. The Council has been undertaking the ROS since 1994 and by giving expression to all sectors and areas of the community it has become a valuable tool for guiding its decision-making process and prioritising expenditure.

God, I missed the question ‘Does Dunedin need a new rugby stadium?’
How did I manage that…


Residents’ Opinion Surveys (ROS)
These surveys measure residents’ satisfaction with the Council’s performance and with Council owned facilities. The output of these surveys enables the Council to assess the extent to which the Council has met its performance objectives. In addition, each year subsequent surveys add to a growing body of research about what Dunedin residents think about their city and their Council.

2009 Residents’ Opinion Survey Results (PDF, 950kb, open in new window)

Summary points (PDF, 250kb, open in new window)

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Eion Edgar on ‘stadium haters’

Another Old Boys’ Club member with a closed mind to genuine opposition.

### nbr.co.nz Monday July 6 2009 – 07:56am
Forsyth Barr head confident Dunedin stadium haters will ‘see the light’
By Robert Smith
Any large construction project launched in New Zealand these days will attract criticism from those who can only see the negative, but the head of Dunedin stadium sponsor Forsyth Barr says he pays little attention to the doubters.
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● Mr Edgar is a member of the NBR rich-list and 2004’s NBR New Zealander of the Year.

Forsyth Barr will celebrate its 75th anniversary in 2011, when the stadium is due to be completed in time for the Rugby World Cup.

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Deception, deconfusion, understatement

…and the logo for Icarus

### ODT Online Mon, 6 Jul 2009
Opinion: Your say
Stadium deceptions
By Calvin Oaten
The stadium saga moves inexorably forward, and in doing so continues to reveal an ever growing list of deceptions. Why this should be it is difficult to know. In fact, why the DCC has gotten so deeply implicated is both a mystery, and by extension, an enormous worry to a good many citizens.
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On 23 June, ODT claimed the stadium was to cost ratepayers $261 million. Link

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