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DCC hedges on details of Carisbrook deal


DCC says sale price not included in the $198 million cost of the Otago stadium. Just how much is DCC prepared to spend of ratepayers’ money on the stadium project…

### ODT Online Thu, 18 Jun 2009
Carisbrook deal believed to be $7m
By Chris Morris
The Dunedin City Council will be handed the keys to Carisbrook within weeks in a deal believed to be worth $7 million to the Otago Rugby Football Union.
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### Southland Times Last updated 05:00 18/06/2009
‘Brook price tag affected by debts
Rugby union bailed out

By Ryan Keen in Dunedin
Dunedin City Council’s boss admits Otago rugby’s multimillion-dollar debts were a factor in the price agreed for historic sports arena Carisbrook.
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### ODT Online Thu, 18/06/2009 – 6:59am.
Comment by house on Why does the DCC need to buy Carisbrook?
If there is a new stadium being built, then why does the council need to buy the existing one? Surely the ORFU should just hock it off, pay their debts and rent the new stadium? Could someone please remind me why the council is taking this step? I’m sure there is a logical and financially prudent reason… or maybe not, logic doesn’t seem to sit well with this lot.


### ODT Online Thu, 18/06/2009 – 11:18am.
Comment by Max_Power on What the…
I am a stadium supporter… but this is just stupid. Council will bulldoze Carisbrook, then sell the land off for a couple of million to a private developer who will make millions. $7 million to buy, $3 million to bulldoze means that even if the land is sold off for $5 million there’s a $5 million loss. Why couldn’t it just go on the open market and the ORFU cop a loss and beg the NZRFU for the money? The idea of turning some of [it] into a sports ground is stupid. There are enough grounds within walking distance already that hardly ever get used. It’s time to stop spending money and get the stadium built. As a footnote, the DCC has always funded the ORFU. Key players in the amateur era were given cushy jobs at council to keep them in Dunedin.


### ODT Online Thu, 18/06/2009 – 10:26am.
Comment by md on Our purchase of Carisbrook
Dear Editor, As a ratepayer, I would simply like to know what the logic is, that is, why does Chin think that his ratepayers want to own Carisbrook. Do we not have enough to contend with. Would you please ask him and maybe report on this aspect. Thank you.


It’s not very likely that ‘prostadia’ and ‘antistadia’ people will be found to support DCC’s purchase of Carisbrook.

There is no shortage of industrial land in Dunedin (discussed in reports to stadium and harbourside plan changes last year).

DCC showing overt favouritism to the private business of ORFU (in all its financial failings) will rankle widely.

The councillor that called the Carisbrook purchase “cheap as chips” has the brains of a nematode.

I recall this phrase issuing from the mouth of a certain councillor once before. They shouldn’t be in local government. And they most certainly shouldn’t have responsibility for the (mis)use of ratepayer funds.

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Eckhoff: ORC is "not a subsidiary of the DCC".

The stadium will be funded by borrowings, to be repaid over 15 years by the ratepayer…

### ODT Online Thu, 18 Jun 2009
Change site and save our money
By Gerrard Eckhoff

The Otago Regional Council is about to increase its rate take for 2009-10. Gerrard Eckhoff suggests the rises are unsustainable. On the 24th of this month, the Otago Regional Council is set to increase the actual rate take by 35% for 2009-10.
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• Gerrard Eckhoff is an Otago regional councillor.

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Rodney Hide: "Never too late" for a referendum

Butler: Stadium issues caused Mr Hide to “raise his eyebrows a few times”…

### ODT Online Thu, 18 Jun 2009
No Hide inquiry into stadium
By Elspeth McLean

Local Government minister Rodney Hide says he will be “keeping an eye” on issues around Forsyth Barr Stadium, but he will not be calling for a government inquiry.
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DScene: Carisbrook $7 million

### DScene 17-6-09 (page 1)
The price: $7m
Exclusive: Welcome to the House of Drain – financial drain, that is. D Scene can reveal Dunedin City Council has agreed to buy iconic sports ground Carisbrook for $7 million. The deal will bail out the debt-ridden Otago Rugby Football Union: p4-5

### DScene 17-6-09 (page 3)
Name your price
By Ryan Keen, editor
It’s fair to say the controversial new Awatea Street stadium just got $7 million dearer…[sparking] debate about whether the size of the rugby union’s debts – about $6 million – had anything to do with the price and if it’s a fair one.

Register to read D Scene online at

Otago Rugby Union boss is happy with Test night crowd and the $7 million deal done with council to sell the historic sports ground

Saving her best for last (page 4)
By Ryan Keen
It might [be] old, tired and on the way out but Carisbrook can still host a top night of Test rugby.

What methodology was used to arrive at a $7 million purchase price…
Carisbrook price covers debts (page 5)
By Ryan Keen
D Scene, via official sources, can reveal the $7 million price tag for the iconic ground, its large nearby carparking areas on Neville St and associated Properties. The deal was signed off in February…but the price was always confidential. The deal is conditional on the $198 million Otago stadium going ahead.

Where to now? (page 5)
By Ryan Keen and Michelle Sutton
The New Zealand Historic Places Trust is waiting to discuss Carisbrook’s future with Dunedin mayor Peter Chin.

Otago Stadium: Government grant conditions pinned down
The $15m question (page 8)
By Michelle Sutton
Conditions attached to the Government’s $15million pledge to the controversial Otago Stadium will be pinned down this week…the final conditions are two weeks away.
Meanwhile, Otago Regional Co8uncil is seeking $12,000 to $12,500 from Basil Walker, of Queenstown, after his failed High Court bid.

On the ball: Carisbrook pain starting to mount up
House of Horrors (page 22)
In recent years Carisbrook has been called “the House of Pain” because it is apparently such a difficult venue for opposing rugby teams.

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ODT craps out with "fading glory" of Carisbrook

ODT supports the new stadium, the recent emblazoned advertising tells us so, coupled with…feminising Carisbrook as past her best. Who wrote this:

### ODT Online Wed, 17 Jun 2009
Editorial: Glory to Carisbrook
Good night, good crowd, good atmosphere – pity about the result, and a pity too about the behaviour of a few idiots.
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Duke of Ban Phai at ODT Online
Carisbrook draws 30,000 rugby spectators
Wingy, if 30,000 turn up in the cold to watch rugby at Carisbrook, why do we need a new stadium?

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Carisbrook crowd behaviour

“Hundreds” of bottles thrown at the French team… Look forward to more unsafe behaviour and drunken hooliganism at the new stadium, but make it plastic… Check out the photo with this item.

### ODT Online Tue, 16 Jun 2009
Rugby: Bottle throwing puts tests in doubt
By Sarah Harvey

Future tests in Dunedin may be “jeopardised” after members of the crowd threw bottles at the celebrating French team at Carisbrook on Saturday night, with the New Zealand Rugby Union saying it will consider the incident when allocating future matches.
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• Carisbrook attracted a capacity crowd of 28,500.
• $300,000 from the test will go to ORFU.

Let’s not forget the trail of debris (mostly glass) strewn over South Dunedin’s main streets after Saturday night’s game.


### ODT Online Tue, 16 Jun 2009
ORFU chasing test against Wales
By Steve Hepburn

The Otago Rugby Football Union has confirmed it wants to host a Welsh test next year, which would mean all major international teams had played at Carisbrook.
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‘Super ward’ + Stevenson chasing votes over apology (ODT)

### ODT Online Tue, 16 Jun 2009
Super ward supported – now it’s over to the public
By David Loughrey
Plans for a “super ward” that could give voters a far greater say on which councillors represent the city have been supported by the Dunedin City Council. It is now the turn of the city’s voters to have their say on the issue before a final ruling is made.
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Stevenson is prone to abstain from voting when the going gets tough; she isn’t backing the super ward idea. This councillor has served a long term and not picked up any chairing or senior responsibilities in all that time. She’s probably feeling a bit threatened by the prospect of representational change. And so she should.

What comes next?
June 22: Council to consider yesterday’s vote.
July 4 to August 4: Public consultation period.
September 15: Final council decision.
October 15: Close of appeal period.
April 10, 2010: Final date for Local Government Commission decision.


### ODT Online Tue, 16 Jun 2009
Stevenson apology sent to ‘third party’
By Chris Morris
Cr Teresa Stevenson has sent a second apology to Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin, but doubts it will be good enough.
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This is nothing more than a bid on Stevenson’s part to attract voter sympathy – but actually we’re sick of it. This protracted stoush between Chin and Stevenson doesn’t deserve the exposure. Grow up.

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Grimwood's world

The Transition Towns phenomenon, the rapid expansion of farmers markets and garden networks, and things like Sustainable Dunedin, and Enviroschools… “collectively, they understand that energy curtailment means transportation curtailment, means localisation of everything”.

### ODT Online Mon, 15 Jun 2009
Hide’s ‘Mad Max’ approach to local govt

By Murray Grimwood

Murray Grimwood canvasses two approaches to local government, one “private” and resource-heavy, the other sustainable and community based.
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• Murray Grimwood is a Waitati farmer and occasional commentator.

!!!! Rodney Hide visits Dunedin on Wednesday, June 17.

To find out more about Transition Towns, go to If DCC had sustainability in its head (June 5, 2009…7:07 pm)

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Carisbrook IS the House of Pain

Sports commentary nationwide yesterday and today upholds the legendary ground – ignore the disloyal inept write-off by Meikle below. The only thing collapsing was the All Blacks. As one caller to Newstalk ZB said last night, the All Blacks looked like they were just playing a test, not Playing For The Nation. Others say they were simply “out-passioned”. The House of Pain looked great on Saturday night, the ground was well prepared and stacked to the gunnels with noisy fans.

### ODT Online Mon, 15 Jun 2009
Fans left hurting at former House of Pain
By Hayden Meikle

Forget the House of Pain. Carisbrook should from now be called the Cabin of Collapse. Dunedin’s ageing ground has lost its fortress reputation after the All Blacks were beaten for the second consecutive test there on Saturday night.
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### ODT Online Mon, 15 Jun 2009
Rugby: Rusty New Zealand needs to lift standard – Cowan
By Steve Hepburn

Halfback Jimmy Cowan said there was no panic in the All Blacks when they were 14 points down late in the first half of Saturday night’s test.
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All Black assistant coach Steve Hansen said experience could not be bought and many players relatively new to test rugby got a rude awakening on Saturday.

### ODT Online Mon, 15 Jun 2009
Rugby: Break puts Thomson out for six weeks
By Steve Hepburn

All Blacks and Otago flanker Adam Thomson is out for six weeks after it was revealed he played most of Saturday night’s test against France at Carisbrook with a broken bone in his hand.
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###ODT Online Mon, 15 Jun 2009
Big win for Dunedin businesses
By Sarah Harvey

If All Blacks supporters were thinking “not again” on Saturday night, then Dunedin businesses were rubbing their hands together after the weekend’s test match brought people flooding into the city.
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NZ Herald not worth buying

NZ Herald 4:00AM Sunday Jun 14, 2009
Rugby: Stadiums on the mind in Dunedin
By Dylan Cleaver

Yes, stadiums new and old dominate the news agenda in Dunedin. It has become a city obsessed but, thankfully for the sporting community at least, the noise from the naysayers is gradually being drowned out.
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Message to reporter Dylan Cleaver:


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Chin's singing at Carisbrook?

The entertainment: Selwyn Ballet (men in tutus); New Zealand Army brass band; Dave Dobbyn (CD: Slice of Heaven); enter the teams: France and New Zealand; Emma Fraser: French anthem (Le Marseillaise); Peter Chin: New Zealand anthem (God Defend New Zealand, in Maori and English); Haka (Ka Mate); GAME ON.

### ODT Online Sun, 14/06/2009 – 4:06pm.
Comment by jsmaill on Mayor Peter Chin’s singing

All Blacks record at Carisbrook. Without Mayor Chin singing – Never Lost.
With Mayor Chin singing – Never Won.
Coincidence? Lets hope he doesn’t bring his bad luck to the new stadium!


### ODT Online Sun, 14/06/2009 – 10:35pm.
Comment by exgus on Mayor Chin should not have sung again

…Surely there are a whole bunch of Dunedin singers, contemporary or classical who are much better singers and should have been given the chance for international exposure.
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### ODT Online Mon, 15/06/2009 – 10:02am.
Comment by farsighted on Revenue

It’s less cost for the ORFU to engage the Mayor to sing. In fact, he probably pays them. I’d pay them more to stop him from singing.


### ODT Online Sat, 13 Jun 2009
France beats All Blacks 27-22
By Hayden Meikle

9.15pm: FRANCE WINS!…It’s game over here at the Brook. France 27, All Blacks 22. Le disaster…Carisbrook’s looking beautiful, by the way. The old girl’s days might be numbered but she can still be a special place on a night like this.
Read more

ODT Video Link

### ODT Online Sat, 13 Jun 2009
Rugby: More French misery for All Blacks

At the World Cup it was devastation. Tonight it was utter frustration inflicted on the All Blacks by France who were deserved 27-22 winners in the first rugby test at Carisbrook. NZPA WGT dg pm
Read more


### ODT Online Sun, 14 Jun 2009
35 arrested after All Blacks loss

Dunedin police had a busy night in the aftermath of the All Blacks’ 27-22 loss to the France at Carisbrook Stadium last night.
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ODT editorial for 'super ward'

### ODT Online Sat, 13 Jun 2009
Editorial: Super wards

Every voting system – just like every rating structure – has its advantages and drawbacks…Matters like the stadium or spending on sewage protection, the library or the botanic gardens are not concerns of particular wards but every citizen.
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It’s true, “voters need a wider choice on the quality and character of councillors than the limited choice presented in a restricted ward”.

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Hide: Mechanism to let ratepayers know when they're being short changed

### ODT Online Sat, 13 Jun 2009
Hide does impossible: makes Local Govt portfolio sexy
By John Armstrong

Act NZ’s leader has done the impossible: make Local Government a sexy portfolio as he ploughs ahead with a major overhaul of local body structure in Auckland and local authority functions across the country.
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• John Armstrong is The New Zealand Herald’s political correspondent.

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STS benefits from socks

This is what we like to hear…Columba girls and their airhead teacher still not seeing the social responsibility issue, making money too important?

### ODT Online Sat, 13 Jun 2009
Not fazed by backlash
By Ellie Constantine and David Loughrey

Negative feedback has not changed Columba College pupils’ message to “get over” Forsyth Barr Stadium.
Read more

Innocent little darlings, yeah right.


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NSC ruckus: Mr Hide and council core services

### Mayoral News Release 12 June 2009
News and opinion from North Shore City’s Mayor Andrew Williams
By Andrew Williams

Hide shoots himself in the foot over council ‘core services’, says North Shore Mayor

Local Government Minister Rodney Hide has shot himself in the foot, with his own gun, over his latest plan to smash local government and limit it to providing basic ‘core services’ such as roads and rubbish collection, North Shore Mayor Andrew Williams said today.

“Rodney Hide wants to outlaw council involvement in “social, economic, environmental, and cultural community outcomes” in favour of a narrow focus on the “core activities” of transport services, water services, and public health and safety services, arguing that local councils should not provide “services that benefit a limited number of people but for which the whole community is required to pay” because the “beneficiaries of the service “free ride” on other ratepayers.”

“Yet only back in August last year, speaking in Parliament on the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Bill, which he and his party voted for, Hide argued strongly in favour of long term council funding of the Auckland Observatory and Planetarium, the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust, the Auckland Theatre Company, the New Zealand National Maritime Museum, the Zoo, the Coastguard Northern Region, the Opera New Zealand, the Surf Life Saving Northern Region, the Auckland Festival Trust, and WaterSafe Auckland.”

“Rodney Hide went on to tell Parliament that the only fair way to fund these organisations is to “tax and rate” the people of greater Auckland to pay for them. And he actually had the gall to challenge those who did not support long term council funding of these public amenities and organisations to name which ones they would close. We could ask the same question of Rodney Hide today, not that we are likely to get a straight answer from him.”

“Rodney Hide’s hypocrisy on the issue of council core services is simply breathtaking. Ten months ago, he was firmly behind council funding of the Opera, the Maritime Museum, the Theatre Company, the Planetarium, and all the rest that he listed in Parliament, yet now, he says they “free ride” on the backs of ratepayers and ratepayers should not be forced to pay for them.”

“Prime Minister John Key is very sensibly distancing himself from Hide’s crazy plan to gut local government services, saying councils “are quite clearly involved in the delivery of social policy and quite a wide range of things” and that he expected councils to “continue to have quite wide responsibilities” for the wellbeing of their communities.”

“With his credibility over council core services now shot to pieces, and with the ‘super city’ plan he is ramming down our throats falling apart piece by piece, day by day, perhaps the message might start to sink in that 97 percent of New Zealanders did not vote for his extremist ACT policies and that they do not accept his ‘bully boy’ bulldozer tactics, and that he should abandon this foolish review and drop the rest of his crazy ACT plans for local government,” Mayor Williams said.

Mayor Williams also expressed disbelief that Rodney Hide would so easily abandon the very people he praised so highly back in August for their invaluable support for their communities.

“Rodney Hide praised to the rafters “the unsung work of people who support organisations that we all enjoy and that we all benefit from, and I do not think that those people get sufficient recognition. I would like to place that on record, on behalf of the whole House, because we all live in communities where people give up their time and make sacrifices for the things we enjoy.”

“Yet here is Rodney Hide today, rubbing the noses of these very people he was praising in the dirt, saying that the community organisations they work so hard to support are ‘freeloaders’ on the ratepayers and unworthy of ratepayer funding. He should be ashamed of himself,” Mayor Williams said.

Mayor Williams noted that a survey of North Shore ratepayers undertaken in late 2007 to test public support for council funding of regional amenities found that only a small percentage were opposed, with the highest being 13.68 percent opposed to funding the Auckland Theatre Company and the lowest being 9.12 percent opposed to funding the Zoo, showing that Rodney Hide is well out of step with public opinion on this issue.


Hansard; Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Bill; 27 August 2008

Rodney Hide MP: “I ask people who object to this bill to ask themselves what it is they want to close. Is it the Auckland Observatory and Planetarium, the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, the Auckland Rescue Helicopter Trust, the Auckland Theatre Company, the New Zealand National Maritime Museum, the Coastguard Northern Region, the Opera New Zealand, or perhaps the Surf Life Saving Northern Region? Perhaps it is the Auckland Festival Trust, or WaterSafe Auckland. They are the organisations that are to be funded by this bill.”

Rodney Hide MP: “I will close by saying that it is good to see that we have such agreement in this House—and the bit of disagreement that we have will not be here after the election [NZ First], so it will not be a problem. I would like to thank the many, many people who have worked for many, many years to get this bill here. That work is the unsung work of people who support organisations that we all enjoy and that we all benefit from, and I do not think that those people get sufficient recognition. I would like to place that on record, on behalf of the whole House, because we all live in communities where people give up their time and make sacrifices for the things we enjoy.”

Cabinet Economic Growth and Infrastructure Committee; EGI (09) 44; 6 April 2009

Hon Rodney Hide, Minister of Local Government: While there is no formal definition of core services for local government, I would expect there to be general acceptance that it includes transport services (roading, footpaths, and public transport), water services (water supply, sewage treatment, stormwater and flood protection) and public health and safety services (refuse collection and regulation of nuisances).

Hon Rodney Hide, Minister of Local Government: Councils can be pressured to expand their services by providing services that benefit a limited number of people but for which the whole community is required to pay. This raises equity issues as some beneficiaries of the service “free ride” on other ratepayers. This leads to the principle that costs should be distributed as closely as possible to benefits received.

Andrew Williams, JP | Mayor of North Shore
Tel 09-4868687 Fax 09-4868445 Web

North Shore City Council
1 The Strand, Takapuna
Private Bag 93500, Takapuna,
North Shore City, New Zealand


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DCC purchase of Carisbrook avoids open market

…for a while at least

This morning, David referred to Chief Executive Jim Harland’s statements about the Dunedin City Council’s purchase of Carisbrook from the Otago Rugby Football Union (ORFU), as featured in the print and digital editions of today’s ODT (page 12).

Mr Harland was replying briefly to a Letter to the editor written by Calvin Oaten.

The comments for public consumption are:

Q: Why did the DCC buy Carisbrook?
A: To assist the ORFU as anchor tenant in the new stadium and to secure a piece of industrial land for the future of the city.

Q: What price did the DCC pay?
A: This information is confidential until negotiations have been concluded.

Q: Was the purchase price factored in as part of the budgeted $198 million cost of the Awatea St stadium?
A: No. The council’s concern is to ensure the ORFU is in a viable financial position looking into the future.

Q: What use does the DCC see for the purchase and what costs are budgeted for in order to demolish existing improvements, thus making way for reuse or sale of the site?
A: No decisions have been made on the future use of Carisbrook. The modelling prior to purchase took into account likely demolition costs.

Q: Did the purchase include the ORFU’s other properties on Burns St and parking areas on Neville St?
A: Yes.


David notes the other question put by Mr Oaten but left unanswered by Mr Harland was:

Q: Did the price agreed take into consideration the $2 million debt that the ORFU owes the DCC?

[David says the $2 million is owed to ratepayers.]

Posted by Elizabeth Kerr


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Stadium: DCC's explanation due to submitters

The Dunedin City Council is meeting this month to finalise the Annual Plan budget. With this, we are led to believe (ODT 12/5/09 Link), comes the reply to residents who presented submissions to the council opposing the Awatea St stadium.

In the annual round there were 538 submissions opposing the stadium, and 10 in support.

In May, Cr Richard Walls was reported as saying there was a problem explaining the fixed cost of $66 a year for the average value property, and he had seen some “extra- ordinary” calculations of costs in stadium blogs.

Chief executive Jim Harland said a major issue confusing people was changes to the funding model.

Mr Harland had been working on a standard “but very detailed” response, including the history of the project. Councillors would debate the response before it was sent out.

Dunedin resident Calvin Oaten said, in a comment at ODT Online, “That should be an interesting exercise which I hope the recipients appreciate. After all, we have spent over $20 million endeavouring to get the council to understand it, and by all accounts it is not even certain that they do yet.”

In another comment at ODT Online ro1 said: “People who oppose the stadium aren’t confused; they are simply not comforted by the spin. The reason they aren’t is twofold: first, while they are perfectly prepared to accept that the direct impost on the average residential rate may only be $66.00 – and may, after a massive but futile job of work by council officers, be even less – they realise that this is only part of the project’s budget and the rest comes out of the Holding Companies’ operations which will have to be compressed for a stadium few people want.”

We eagerly await the council’s deliberation in print. Not long to go now.

The full council meets on Monday 22 June to adopt the Community Plan (LTCCP) and confirm rates. The meeting will be held in the Council Chamber, Municipal Chambers, at 1pm.

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Iconic Carisbrook: does the job well, AGAIN

### ODT Online Fri, 12 Jun 2009
Rugby: Tickets for test all but sold out
By Alistair McMurran

Carisbrook is expected to be a sell-out for the test between the All Blacks and France tomorrow night. Otago Rugby Football Union marketing manager Chris Green told the Otago Daily Times last night the test was “on the verge of a sell-out again”.
Read more

The capacity of Carisbrook for the test is 28,500.
The capacity at the Cake Tin is 34,500.

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2011 RWC a "rolling maul"


### ODT Online Fri, 12 Jun 2009
Dunedin stadium seen as world cup ‘showcase’
By Hamish McNeilly

Addressing domestic and international media at Eden Park yesterday, [Rugby New Zealand 2011 chief executive Martin Snedden] singled out the stadium, saying ensuring the roofed stadium was ready on time was one of the challenges facing the 2011 tournament, when an estimated $500 million would be spent on stadiums.
Read more


Tell the health boards that…
The fully functioning Carisbrook is the back up…
The rugby sledgehammer of patriotic necessity (thanks boys, we can believe it, sure)


Further to Mr Snedden’s comments on the shortage of accommodation:

### ODT Online Fri, 12 Jun 2009
Dunedin City Hotel expansion ready in time for world cup
By Dene Mackenzie

Two new floors with 16 new rooms will be added to the top of the Dunedin City Hotel as the Scenic Hotel Group prepares for an influx of tourists during the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
Read more


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Oops slime

Hilarious adventures at site…

### ODT Online Thu, 11/06/2009 – 7:01am.
Comment by TheWatcher on Stadium pile-driving

It was an eye-opener to yesterday see a pile being driven for the Stadium foundations suddenly drop vertically over 8 metres under its own weight due to a lack of sound ground below where the grandstand will be built. Now what did the “experts” say about that area being sound and extra deep foundations not being required?


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Mr Walker – Fail!


“The application for judicial review of the Council’s decision is dismissed.”


“There is no reason why costs should not follow the event. The ORC is therefore entitled to costs on a category 2B basis together with disbursements as fixed by the Registrar.”

High Court judgement: Walker v ORC


### ODT Online Thu, 11 Jun 2009
Bid to derail stadium funding dismissed

Full coverage tomorrow.Queenstown man Basil Walker’s court bid to derail the Forsyth Barr Stadium has been dismissed.
ODT Link


Basil Walker is not ruling out an appeal…

### ODT Online Fri, 12 Jun 2009
Bid fails to block stadium grant
By David Loughrey

Queenstown man Basil Walker has been unsuccessful in his attempt to block the Otago Regional Council granting $37.5 million for the Forsyth Barr Stadium after failing to persuade a High Court judge the funding process was unlawful.
Read more


### National Business Review Friday June 12 2009 – 11:08am
Dunedin rugby stadium steamrolls over latest legal challenge
By Robert Smith

The latest legal bid to tackle Dunedin’s Forsyth Barr Stadium has been fended aside by the High Court, with the Queenstown bankrupt who brought the action now liable for thousands of dollars in legal costs.
Read more


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'Super ward' + stadium

### ODT Online Thu, 11 Jun 2009
Super ward system of little concern
By David Loughrey

Councillors and former candidates spoken to yesterday said the proposed new super ward system for the Dunedin City Council would not change unduly the way they campaigned in local body elections.
Read more

### ODT Online Thu, 11 Jun 2009
News: Dunedin | Local government
‘Super ward’ mooted for DCC
By David Loughrey

Substantial changes to Dunedin’s voting method could see its system of wards scrapped in favour of a “super ward”, with 11 councillors representing the urban area, and three representing two rural seats.
Read more

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University's land purchase

### ODT Online Thu, 11 Jun 2009
$5.6m price of stadium land
By Allison Rudd

The University of Otago will pay a total of $5.602 million for land next to the Forsyth Barr stadium, the university council has been told. The council has already paid the Dunedin City Council $5.34 million in progress payments.
Read more

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Walker v ORC decision at 2pm

### ODT Online Thu, 11 Jun 2009
Stadium review decision expected today

A decision on Queenstown man Basil Walker’s application for a judicial review, aimed at halting Otago Regional Council funding for the Forsyth Barr Stadium, is expected to be released today.
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The Great Kiwi knocking machine

I am continually amazed at the ability of Kiwi’s to belittle each other.

Stadium cold feet? If the sock fits ‘get over it’

But I fear that it goes beyond the Great Kiwi Knocking Machine, doesn’t it. It demonstrates an arrogance, a preposterous belief in the worth of self and one’s opinion.

The pupils of Columba College participating in the Young Enterprise scheme have come up with an idea. But if we take anything from this whole sorry saga, ideas are the best shooting targets aren’t they? They are not proposing closing down housing for the old and poor, they aren’t suggesting raising taxes, they aren’t even suggesting we pull the legs off unsuspecting spiders, but if you are unfortunate enough to read most of the arrogant and hideous ‘complaints’ and ‘opinions’ over at the ODT following this article, one would have us believe that these girls are in cohorts with the devil himself.

Who was the bereft of ideas who is now framing this discourse beyond the moral to a Holy campaign. I don’t know about you, but if you are framing argument around supposed holy orders or deity inspiration, then dogma will prevail and any notion of debate is shot dead. This is not a Moral campaign and it is certainly not some bloody Holy campaign.

For the first time in a long time during this debate, I was sickened by the words that some have used to pour scorn on these young women. I can not fathom the level of arrogance demonstrated by some, and the weakness of campaign, when a group of young school pupils are subjected to Holy crusades and such ridicule.

They are not the people pushing this development, but they are the very champions I have been wishing would come along out of this project. I know of 3 companies striving to provide food for the hundreds of workers on site each day. I know of one sporting code already deep in planning for hosting of some of the thousands of wealthy Home Nation sports fans here for 2011. These are just one example of the belief I have in the power of one good idea leading others to strive to excel.

To all who wished to rain on the parade of these young women, pull your bloody heads out of your orifices, and if as my Gran used to say, if you haven’t got anything useful to say, keep it to your bloody self, because they aren’t the correct target for your ridicule.


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