UPDATED Game over – Cr Stevenson's apology

The councillor allegedly leaked a confidential letter in which the Dunedin City Council offered up social housing in return for government funding support to the stadium…

### ODT Online Thu, 25 Jun 2009
Stevenson apology finally accepted
By Chris Morris

Dunedin city councillors want new powers to police elected representatives who break the rules, following an end to the long-running saga over Cr Teresa Stevenson’s apology.
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Cr Stevenson – Apology to DCC 22-6-09


This has been very obvious, nothing like taking a rent free holiday as an elected councillor…

### ODT Online Fri, 26 Jun 2009
Stevenson late for council most often
By Chris Morris

A study of council minutes dating back nearly two years shows Cr Stevenson is the city’s tardiest councillor. She has arrived late, without a prior apology, for 25 council and committee meetings this term.
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One response to “UPDATED Game over – Cr Stevenson's apology

  1. Elizabeth

    But what has Cr Stevenson done to win respect and turn the game around, where’s her strategy? What effective representation has she brought to the community in her 17-year stint as a councillor is the begging question. Let’s face it, politics is rough. It requires ‘concerted’ effort for survival (ie find cronies, work with them)…

    ### ODT Online Sat, 27 Jun 2009
    Fallout from breach taking toll
    By Chris Morris

    Cr Teresa Stevenson says she feels “marginalised” by fellow councillors and may walk away from the Dunedin City Council at the next election.
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