ORC wises up on HQ + NEW option


A cheering note in tough times…

ORC has parked its plans for a waterfront office building at Dunedin.
Full coverage in ODT tomorrow.

ODT Online Wed, 24 Jun 2009
ORC waterfront plans ‘parked’
By Rebecca Fox

Otago Regional Councillors decided instead to investigate other options, before adopting a second version of the council’s long-term council community plan without the building proposal in it.
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ODT Online Wed, 24 Jun 2009
ORC building’s future in balance
By Rebecca Fox

An “interesting outcome” is promised from today’s Otago Regional Council meeting which will consider the future of its proposed $31 million waterfront office block and wharf redevelopment.
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### Radio New Zealand News Updated at 12:18pm on 24 June 2009
Otago Regional Council defers new HQ plans

Councillors voted 8 – 3 in favour of deferring the development at the corner of Kitchener and Birch Streets, when they adopted a long term council community plan on Wednesday.
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Weeks rather than months before the new option goes public…

### ODT Online Thu, 25 Jun 2009
ORC parks waterfront proposal
By Rebecca Fox

An “exciting” new option for the site of Otago Regional Council’s proposed office block had been suggested to councillors in the days leading up to yesterday’s decision to “park” its multimillion-dollar waterfront proposal.
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