D Scene gets its information from?

### D Scene 24-6-09 (page 1 headlines)
‘Brook deal danger
“It now looks as though council is on hand to tit-feed all these others that are going belly up.”
Former city councillor Maurice Prendergast’s warning: p7

Plus: More details of DCC’s confidential Carisbrook deal revealed

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(page 7)
Carisbrook deal: ‘Sets dangerous precedent’, critics say
‘Brook deal rumblings
By Ryan Keen
Former councillors are warning City Hall its Carisbrook deal – bailing out Otago rugby’s large debts – sets a dangerous precedent.

Deal details (page 7)
Via official sources, further exclusive details of the deal – expected to be finalised next week – can be revealed:

– ORFU to pay back its $2 million DCC loan

– DCC takes possession of ORFU properties, $1 million of ORFU debt becomes DCC debt

– outstanding $4 million balance – which DCC will almost certainly borrow. Interest on this covered by rent ORFU pays DCC for leasing back Carisbrook

– as part of lease, ORFU continues to run venue, keep income earned and pay expenses; all income from Carisbrook pocketed by ORFU

– official possession date penned in is next Wednesday, July 1

Conditions for the deal to progress include:

– Awatea St stadium goes ahead

– venue hire agreement for new stadium inked between Carisbrook Stadium Trust and ORFU.

(page 7)
Harland’s price admission
Dunedin City Council boss Jim Harland admits Otago rugby’s large debts were a consideration when the price for Carisbrook was pinned down.

…“the primary income for the new stadium will depend on professional rugby and quality amateur games here”, Harland says.

(page 12)
Scene says: Go the Harlanders
No doubt about it – your city council is in the rugby business.

(page 13)
Carisbrook’s $10m swing deal
Maurice Prendergast argues the price tag seems to have more to do with ORFU’s $6 million of debts than land value.

In politics – as in war – the first casualty is often the truth. This is no better illustrated than by the astonishing revelation that we ratepayers will bail out an inept and blundering Otago Rugby Football union by settling their enormous debt in order that they may perpetuate their arrogant ways at a newfound albatross colony at Awatea St.

Your say: What Dunedin thinks
Carisbrook deal ‘putrefying affair’
By G MacDonald, St Kilda
A secret deal has seen $7 million of ratepayers’ money sucked up by the debt-ridden Otago Rugby Football Union. We have truly been done like a dog’s dinner.

Get real, Richard, Clare
By Peter Attwooll
Otago rugby boss Richard Reid, with his refusal to discuss details of the $7m Carisbrook gift by the DCC to the ORFU says: “It’s no one’s business except the purchaser and vendor.” Wrong. It is the ratepayers’ – who are the purchasers – business because it is their money the ORFU has gained.

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One response to “D Scene gets its information from?

  1. “It now looks as though council is on hand to tit-feed all these others that are going belly up.”
    Former city councillor Maurice Prendergast’s warning.

    I only just picked up on this gem as I was taking great pride in burning that esteemed newspaper. What a chauvinist. Breast feeding or ‘tit feeding’ as he calls it is one of the more vital parts in child development, and to denigrate it like this just for a cheap line – well, shall we ask the polls what they think of him?

    Is he going to call football (soccer) a girls sport now?

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