Carisbrook crowd behaviour

“Hundreds” of bottles thrown at the French team… Look forward to more unsafe behaviour and drunken hooliganism at the new stadium, but make it plastic… Check out the photo with this item.

### ODT Online Tue, 16 Jun 2009
Rugby: Bottle throwing puts tests in doubt
By Sarah Harvey

Future tests in Dunedin may be “jeopardised” after members of the crowd threw bottles at the celebrating French team at Carisbrook on Saturday night, with the New Zealand Rugby Union saying it will consider the incident when allocating future matches.
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• Carisbrook attracted a capacity crowd of 28,500.
• $300,000 from the test will go to ORFU.

Let’s not forget the trail of debris (mostly glass) strewn over South Dunedin’s main streets after Saturday night’s game.


### ODT Online Tue, 16 Jun 2009
ORFU chasing test against Wales
By Steve Hepburn

The Otago Rugby Football Union has confirmed it wants to host a Welsh test next year, which would mean all major international teams had played at Carisbrook.
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10 responses to “Carisbrook crowd behaviour

  1. Peter

    Some stadia in NZ don’t sell glass bottles at rugby games – you can only buy a plastic glass or small container, which limits the impact of the idiot minority.

    The Carisbrook terrace is not conducive to good crowd control or behaviour. In a fully seated stadium with good access to the concourse, for example, the currently usual experience for terrace patrons at Dunedin games of some one drunkenly urinating in a bottle or on the ground should be thankfully a thing of the past.

  2. Max Power

    One should not judge the actions of all who attended the game on those of a few drunken students.

    BTW, They do not sell glass bottles, they were PET (plastic) ones.

  3. Have they taken out the last remaining terrace section within the new stadium? That was a genius feature to keep it in in the indoor stadium.

    There is possibly nothing more boring that sitting at a sporting event for anything shorter than Cricket, one needs to be standing.

    It would also be bloody hard to pin that behaviour on students exclusively too, whoever they were they were drunken idiots that’s for sure.

  4. meg55

    What about the mayhem that occurs outside the stadium? After two attacks of vandalism/attempted break-ins and glass all over Cargill St I make sure my car is parked off the road on ‘party nights’. I doubt things will improve with the stadium so close to the university area.

  5. Phil

    Plastic, cans or glass. There’s no difference. It still astounds me that we’re one of the few countries still selling alcohol at sports venues. There’s a certain irony around the Kiwi mentality connection between fitness and alcohol. Obviously we need the sponsorship money, but can people really not go for 90 minutes without a beer ? I might be wrong, but did North Harbour ban alcohol consumption at their stadium ?

  6. Meg55, so the rest of the city is to suffer because a few idiots can’t control themselves. That’s not the sign of a mature society.

    But we see this all the time in NZ, a few bad eggs spoil things and the rest of us have to pay with knee jerk all or nothing reactions.

    I couldn’t believe it when the Otago Polytec Ass put their submission against the stadium for the very same reason. So of the 22,000 odd students a few dozen really stupid students with shocking behaviour would be a valid reason for stopping the stadium. I would have thought it the 6+ bars in the area and several bottle stores, not to mention the supply of dope which was the real problem. No apparently it’s the stadium’s fault.

  7. Phil, not sure which countries you go to sporting events, but every foreign sporting event I have ever been to alcohol is sold.

    North Harbour stadium, I had some very nice Speights for The Who concert. Oakland A’s baseball in San Fran I had a very nice local beer, Vancouver Canucks I had a weak local beer, Vancouver Whitecaps (soccer) I had a very nice beer and met a great guy who would become a dear friend, and of course the football I went to in the UK -mmm beer. But the cake goes to the Melrose 7’s (the home of the 7s competition), where booze was not only on sale, but the off licence sold beer and wine and wee drams to anyone on their way to the tournament. The beauty of that was I was able to drink Real beer while watching. Not one bottle was thrown, no one was pissed on, and from what I could tell there were no arrests.

    Fast forward to NZ’s first day night game, apart from the massive crowd disorder, people were freaking idiots, and there were bugger all students in sight. Mexican waves saw 1/2 filled bottles or beer being tossed into the air.

    No there isn’t something about us that means we can’t go without alcohol during 90mins, but there is something about having a nice beer with a sporting event. For a start it’s bloody enjoyable, and of course it brings in uber bucks for the sports organisation.

    Kiwis do need to learn how to behave around alcohol, but then that is a small minority, and once again are we to punish everyone for the actions of a few. It’s like saying we have dirty old men who watch child pornography, let’s stop everyone from using the internet – obviously the temptation is too much for us all.

  8. Phil

    Thanks Paul. My experiences of sporting events throughout Europe have been somewhat different, where there was a total alcohol ban within the seating areas of every venue I attended. I found that to be the case for international football, basketball, rugby league, and for ice hockey. All the stadiums had bar facilities, and of course different rules apply in the corporate boxes. But there was definitely no alcohol being consumed in the peasants’ viewing areas. Maybe they knew I was coming !! Everyone seemed to have a good time inspite of that. I accept it’s a North American institution however. I’ve got some connection in the dark recesses of my dusty memory about North Harbour football and beer. Maybe it was a ban for the players that was spoken of, rather than the spectators. Which isn’t rocket science.

  9. Ban for the players – heck if I was paid tens of thousands of dollars to be in peak physical shape to play sport for a living and wanted to piss that against the wall, you’d have to be a bloody fool eh.

    Actually I can’t remember beer at Goodison Park, but then the 5hrs in the pub before and after kinda nulled that. It was very very civilised at the Baseball, a beer and a pizza per person or x5 for the massive guy sitting in front of me.

    Simple really, beer in paper cups or the like, no more than 2 per person sold at once and people will soon tire of needing beer all the time.

    The Melrose 7s in Scotland were a classic, I couldn’t believe the beer being taken in (and by Todd Blackadder), it was like Real Ale tasting appreciation day – and those bottles are not light. I like a beer with my sport, call it tradition, and if I don’t want it poured over me or the urine (like that happens every day) I move away, or signal one of the dozens of police and security around the place. They hauled a guy away with his fly still undone last game I went to.

    Not a badge of honour.

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