STS benefits from socks

This is what we like to hear…Columba girls and their airhead teacher still not seeing the social responsibility issue, making money too important?

### ODT Online Sat, 13 Jun 2009
Not fazed by backlash
By Ellie Constantine and David Loughrey

Negative feedback has not changed Columba College pupils’ message to “get over” Forsyth Barr Stadium.
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Innocent little darlings, yeah right.


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4 responses to “STS benefits from socks

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Mon, 16 Jun 2009 (page 8)
    To the point
    By Cr Dave Cull, Dunedin

    It would be a bad look to tell us to eat cake. So instead, the Marie Antoinettes of Columba College enjoin the hapless ratepayers of Dunedin to “get over it”, offering woolly socks as protection against the chill draught of stadium debt freezing our fiscal ankles. And the ODT runs the “rub their noses in it” socks on top of the front page (10.6.09). Nothing more important to report apparently. Dunedin deserves better from both.

    Available in print and digital editions of today’s ODT.

  2. meg55

    Thanks for reprinting Dave Cull’s letter. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Dave Cull for mayor!

  3. I like how Dave Cull is lumping himself in with the hard up masses, only problem is, he isn’t is he. If Dave Cull is freezing his fiscal ass off, I’ll eat this blog!

  4. And when else in public discourse have you ever heard Middle Aged Men refer in public to school girls as “Marie Antoinettes”?

    I wonder if he’s eating Cake with his Chard Farm tonight?

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