STS website DOWN

Today the STS website which was hosted on an independent server was taken down as that server is no longer available to the organisation. For one and a half months the STS committee had received repeated warnings that it would need to find another server but had chosen to ignore the issue. With the result there is no longer an active website.

Who will save the STS website.


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2 responses to “STS website DOWN

  1. Elizabeth

    For those who have contributed to the STS website reference files and comments, please know that all the files are safe. Part of the story is they were made available to the STS committee (the files now rest with the STS webmaster) by the host along with the early warning and reminders that the server would not be available from May 31. The committee appears to have done nothing and has failed to reply to the host’s messages. Strange. We hope there’s not too much delay in getting the website up again.

  2. Elizabeth

    Update. Following discussions, the STS webmaster is in the process of migrating the website. The current STS website will be temporarily brought back online to allow for an easier migration. As stated in my last message the archive files are safe.

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