D Scene: Demolition, Apology & Calder confused

### D Scene 27-5-09 (page 5)
Stadium site demolition
Dunedin mayor Peter Chin and Carisbrook Stadium Trust chairman Malcolm Farry have officially started site demolition. Hall Bros Transport owner Doug Hall says about 16 buildings will be pulled down in total – about one a fortnight.
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### D Scene 27-5-09 (page 8)
The Insider: Sorry – say again?
Editor Ryan Keen interviews Cr Teresa Stevenson
Back in January when Dunedin city councillor Teresa Stevenson tipped off media about a confidential letter to the Government by Dunedin mayor Peter Chin and Otago Regional Council chairman Stephen Cairns she probably didn’t think she’d still be apologising in late May. The letter itself, which she didn’t leak but just alluded to, requested stadium funding and explored the offer of a share of the city assets in return. Since then, she’s been formally censured and asked to apologise. Mayor Chin has rejected her initial apology and asked her to have another go.
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### D Scene 27-5-09 (page 14)
They shall not be moved
By Michelle Sutton
Otago University Students Association monthly meetings still aren’t getting the numbers despite lively motions – such as the one describing Telecom management as “wankers”. Other motions include supporting Clear Communications as much as possible, opposing and supporting construction of Otago Stadium and some pontifications on pot use.

The OUSA general meeting to be held last week did not eventuate as it failed to reach a quorum.

[Further down the item it says:]
The next motion was to be against Otago Stadium. Students Tim Calder and Luke Herlihy wanted OUSA to withhold support for construction if it contributed to fee increases or negatively affects OUSA’s ownership or control of student gym UNIPOL. Confusingly, they then called for OUSA to support construction.
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