Cr Stevenson cues media

### ODT Online Wed, 20 May 2009
Tale of apology that wasn’t
By David Loughrey

When is an apology not an apology? Answer: When it does not meet Dunedin Mayor Peter Chin’s requirements. Dunedin city councillor Teresa Stevenson’s apology, sent to the council last Friday, was sent back, marked “not acceptable” by Mr Chin.
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ODT has released the apology from Cr Stevenson, it reads:

“I unreservedly apologise for raising questions which brought public awareness to the content of a confidential briefing. I now understand that the councillors and the mayor sincerely and deeply wanted finance for a city project and my questioning of the mayor’s confidential letter with its suggestion to gift assets put this funding in jeopardy.

“This questioning of this confidential mayoral letter showed I was not working as part of the team for which I apologise. I am committed to work or the benefit of the city and in the future will work more constructively to achive this objective with the other elected members.”

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