ODT publishes more stupidity

Dear old Bill Allen in the ‘very concerned of Kaikorai Valley’ or ‘outraged of Kenmure’ section of the ODT today (previously known as the Letters to the Editor section), has applied House of Mirror Horrors logic to the cost of getting acts to Dunedin and come up with some fantastic figures.

Thankfully these figures don’t actually bear any resemblance to reality, indeed the only tentative grasp on the real life they miraculously hold onto is the simple fact that the ODT has once again published bollox to either:

a) appease the masses
b) print sensationalist bullshit with the view to whipping up more frenzy, more letters and more so called facts that if repeated enough by ‘stunned of St Kilda’ might actually become reality.

Taking a very small accounting sheet, sticking it on the back of a kaleidoscope over 1km away and looking at it through a beaten up old spy glass, Mr Allen has come up with the most remarkable estimation that at worst attending a concert at our stadium will cost $333.33 and at best $250 per person.

I’d love to think that the ODT was taking the piss and giving this person enough rope, but alas, I don’t think that is the case, and dear old ‘weary of City Rise’ is allowed to voice his insane views.

Because don’t be fooled, this is stupidity of the highest levels. Kind enough to show his workings, Mr Allen obviously isn’t unintelligent, just exceedingly stupid.

But no doubt in print, it will be only a matter of time before ‘Bill’s law of concert costs’ becomes part of the anti-stadium vernacular. Mark my words it’s only a matter of time before I overhear this rubbish, or you are told this rubbish as another ‘fact’ as to how alarming this stadium is.

I am constantly reminded of the Gary Larson cartoon, in which the Doctor taking notes from the poor patient on the psychiatrists couch, simply writes, “Just Plain Nuts”.


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