"We the people"… and some others

Seems Basil Walker is up to his usual tricks again, speaking for everyone else – even if we want him to shut up.

First it came with his legal challenge to the Emissions Trading Act taken against the government (get this) on behalf of the people of New Zealand. Now the ODT has revealed that he’s taking action against the ORC, even though he’s not a Ratepayer but is doing it for his family.

Further, of course, if the judge finds against him and awards costs to the ORC (for defending their democratic actions), it’s been revealed that it will be difficult for the judge to award full costs, the man’s a declared Bankrupt.

Sorry Basil, your heart might be in the right place, but I didn’t want your interference with the ETS (some of us liked it), and I don’t want your non-rate-paying interference now.

Full Story here in the ODT

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One response to “"We the people"… and some others

  1. Elizabeth

    Mr Walker’s current status is irrelevant. Surely, we all have the right to apply to the New Zealand Courts as we see fit.

    It worries me he is not availing himself of counsel in attempting the hearing at the High Court on June 4, probably due to cost. Secondly, I worry that without legal representation Mr Walker stands to lose money for his family trust.

    It seems messy and too high risk. Nevertheless, he has the right to presume, all the while believing he has a case.

    Mr Walker says he is acting for his family who are ratepayers, fair enough. It would not be unusual if the family trust was itself a ratepayer.

    If he is acting on principle, in the genuine belief he could be helping ratepayers, that is legitimate.

    The odds that Mr Walker can get any traction at the High Court are not so very high. We await the outcome with interest, reserved.

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