Today at Court: Ch9 video + RNZ News

### Channel 9 News May 6, 2009 – 6:47pm
Another injunction against the ORC and its backing of the new stadium

Queenstown man Basil Walker today filed his injunction against the Otago Regional Council spending $37 million dollars on the Stadium.
After initial proceedings, one side was happy to talk to 9 Local News, the other not.
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After Basil Walker submitted his interim injunction against the ORC to the Court he was reluctant to talk on camera.

ORC Chairman Stephen Cairns said the Applicant was struggling to cope with legal logistics…”even as an independent observer in the court, Mr Walker is challenged with the process”.

According to Mr Cairns, although the judge did try to impress upon the Applicant he could have dealt with the whole substantive matter on Wednesday, “the Applicant has decided to pursue his interim injunction”.

The application will be heard before a new judge next Wednesday (May 13), Justice Chisholm, who dismissed Stop the Stadium’s injunction at the Christchurch High Court.

ORC is not due to make any payment to DCC until August 1 this year.


### Radio New Zealand News Updated at 10:56am on 6 May 2009
Litigant told stadium injunction application not necessary

An opponent of the Dunedin Stadium project is determined to have an application heard for an interim injunction, despite being informed that it is not necessary.
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More details in Thursday’s ODT…

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