DCC LTCCP: Just Bev and Pete


This afternoon “Stop the Stadium” turned up to make its oral submission to the Dunedin City Council hearings panel.

Bev got herself into hot sling mode and lost all ground. By contrast, Peter Attwooll, her husband, read out an email StS had received recently. He did so nicely and clearly.

No violins though. StS hadn’t sought permission to reveal the writer’s name so wouldn’t declare it when asked. This wasn’t very consultative, we didn’t think.

We were told StS had received many calls and messages lately by people upset by council signing the GMP contract for the stadium.

I noticed no StS co-committee or paid-up members were there to support the two. In fact, only myself and one other woman submitter were in the public gallery to witness the loss of rope. ODT’s reporter was at the media desk.

It sounded like the last hurrah. Hope StS isn’t keeping back donations received for the High Court action as a kitty towards standing in the local body elections next year.

Now I’m being dramatic. They seemed shorter somehow.


### ODT Online Thu, 7 May 2009
Heated exchanges as Butler fronts DCC
By Chris Morris and David Loughrey

The fallout over the $198 million Otago stadium continues, with vitriolic exchanges between Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler and city councillors during yesterday’s Dunedin City Council annual plan hearing.
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One response to “DCC LTCCP: Just Bev and Pete

  1. Elizabeth

    When self-delusion is a problem…

    ### Stop the Stadium website May 9th, 2009 at 6:50 pm
    Comment by Peter Attwooll on Heated exchanges as Butler fronts DCC

    The $1000 challenge to pro stadium councillors for every $1m over $198m was met with a short, stunned silence. Where was the confidence by such councillors? The reaction of some councillors was pitiful. Much hand wringing and loud protestations that the challenge was out of order. The point was made.

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