Stadium submissions on DCC LTCCP

### ODT Online Sat, 2 May 2009
Council facing flood of stadium submissions
By David Loughrey

The Awatea St stadium may be the subject of 500 of the more than 800 annual plan submissions to the Dunedin City Council next week, but with the contract to build the project already signed, their relevance appears to have waned.
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3 responses to “Stadium submissions on DCC LTCCP

  1. David

    The question is not whether the submissions are relevant, now that the contract is signed.

    The questions is “Was any anti-stadium submission or opinion ever relevant, or listened to?”

    Mayor Chin says the people he heard were supporters of the stadium. The question has to be asked – is the Mayor deaf, as well as blind?

  2. Elizabeth

    I sat through Federated Farmers’ submission on the way farmers are being rated for the stadium (amongst other submissions this afternoon and early evening). The Feds see a targeted flat rate on residential and farm land as the fairest solution.

    See their press release at Scoop:

    Otago stadium shows how councils farm farmers
    Monday, 4 May 2009, 4:05 pm
    Press Release: Federated Farmers

    Not sure this is the view of non Fed farmers.

  3. David

    If they put the cost of the stadium onto tickets – onto those who actually use it – then they wouldn’t need to take the money off those who will never use it.

    Otherwise ratepayers are handing out a $50-$100 subsidy every time a bum sits on a seat.

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