Cartoon times… + CIB investigation

### ODT Online Sat, 2 May 2009
Cartoon action ruled out
By Chris Morris
One of the Dunedin city councillors depicted as a Nazi in a controversial anti-stadium cartoon has ruled out taking legal action, as debate over its publication appeared to divide some anti-stadium campaigners.
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### ODT Online Sat, 2 May 2009
CIB investigating death threat against Butler
By Debbie Porteous
Police have confirmed they are investigating a death threat against Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler.
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Meanwhile at SkyscraperCity:
“Police investigating death threat against Bev Butler … one of these ‘threats’ would seem to relate to a post on this site.” Link

Pre-march banter is suddenly a death threat. Yeah right.

Mental note:
Members of the public concerned for their lives because the StS website shows citizens being run over by an armoured tank really shouldn’t call CIB.

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20 responses to “Cartoon times… + CIB investigation

  1. Elizabeth

    Bev Butler’s husband at the StS website:

    Comment by Peter Attwooll on Cartoon action ruled out
    May 2nd, 2009 at 11:27 am

    It’s about time the StS books were opened for members anyway. Where did all the money go? Go on, StS committee, fess up.

  2. “I am sure that many found that cartoon offensive, but the message was an important one.”

    So it’s ok to offend people if you think YOUR cause is a just and noble one – interesting take, completely absurd and of course most probably wrong.

    She’s also failing to get with the basic concepts of politics here. Hitler came to power, eliminated all democratic structures then preceded to sweep across Europe, Africa and vast parts of the rest of the world in a murderous blood bath.

    In Dunedin a democratically elected council on a mandate to investigate and build a stadium, has done so, and then there is another election next year. I do remember getting a paper cut once, so I guess some bloody has been spilt.

    They have no justification using NAZI imagery to defame the civic leaders, offend others (including those previously not even slightly interested in the issue) and now use all manner of rubbish to defend it.

    They cocked up.

  3. Jay

    Peter (Attwooll)

    I think a death threat against Bev ( I did not know she was your wife) is unacceptable and I hope the person responsible is punished in an appropriate manner. It is been a bit cute though when she failed to totally condemn similar actions against Fliss Butcher and Michael Guest. I talked of inflated facts when STS refers to a Otago University survey, when in fact they mean a survey undertaken by a University of Otago professor paid for by STS.

    My real issue with the cartoon is not so much the concept but the fact that the councilors are in fact not dressed just in Nazi uniform by in SS uniform. The SS were responsible for the death of 6 million Jews. The cartoonist must realize that the SS were directly responsible for this nazi cleansing programme. I think it trivializes the death of these people to compare the two as similar. Perhaps a bit insensitive or at the very least thoughtless.

  4. KGB

    Then you should start asking why the ORC’s survey was only sent out to men

  5. Because if anything else this debate has shown that only rugby men are the ones intending to use this stadium, so it makes sense that they should be questioned on the stadium.

  6. Richard

    Oh! Oh! Just let’s get this right. The mail survey referred to by KGB was sent to ratepayers. That information is entered from the title. Guess what? The first name on many – if not most titles – is male. And who’s fault is that?

  7. KGB the facts game, shame that wasn’t a game entered into by the StS.

    If you call filling a hall full of interested and concerned citizens with the express intention alerting them to the concerns of those opposed to the stadium, but then failing to present them with too many of those things you call facts. I remember one or two speakers from that night, speaking with conviction and with concern and not entering into the game of lies and disinformation. However the majority of speakers who stood up, either lied to the collective concerned masses, or were so liberal with the truth it was as if they were on another planet.

    How completely disingenuous, holding the inaugural meeting of the StS and then precede to fill their heads with stuff not even related to the truth or reality.

    As for that survey, the so called independent one, you can not imagine the hard work it took to get it any where near ‘neutral’. I would have thought so called ‘neutral’ actors in this game would have come up with a neutral survey right off the bat, even more so if it is their profession to compile and study these things. But oh no, it was a fight to get the wording even anywhere near neutral.

    But then what was neutral about this survey? SFA, because if anyone had been listening to the LIES and misinformation coming out of the StS around the time of the survey (it was like ratings time on the radio, the propaganda machine was in full swing), then their head would have been filled with the most hilarious reasons as to why not to build the thing, rather than anything resembling the facts.

    It’s like trying to pick a Bain jury in Dunedin, everyone had an opinion based upon media exposure only, whether that opinion was based on facts or not, peoples minds were made up. The same is for the stadium, and if you think this is all just hot air, I to this day am still told by people that the glass roof won’t let the grass grow, or the foundations are too weak (like they know).

  8. KGB

    I’m buggered if I know Richard.
    I always thought that NZ was the first country in the world where women were allowed to vote.
    I would have thought that Helen would have changed the title to Mrs and Mr

  9. Richard

    Well KGB, when one buys a property, it is the buyer/s who authorise the entry and sign the transfer of ownership!

    If there is more than one owner, that is where the order should be sorted out! No-one else can be blamed!

  10. Richard

    Not even Helen Clark!

  11. KGB

    Regardless of who’s name came first,everyone who were owners of a property should have been sent voting forms

  12. Richard

    No, there was one form per RATEPAYER and there is only one ratepayer for any property. I concede though that it should have carried the multiple names and that is apparently what was supposed to happen. Whatever, it would have lead to some interesting “kitchen table debate” wouldn’t it?

    Me, I just gave it to the other half. But then, I am a democrat! (note the small ‘D’).

  13. Richard


    And, of course, that is why the DCC commissioned and parallel telephone survey was much more statistically accurate.

  14. KGB

    Paul the more you go on about the lies that were told at the meeting held in the town hall only leads me to think that you must be one working for the Council or CST.My reasoning is that with so many meetings being held behind closed doors away from the public, who would know what is lies and what is truth anymore?Time and time again you have dragged folk down with some really foul language.I wonder why you get so up tight over things when your message to the public
    is that they should just get on with this regardless
    of the consequences

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