Govt lavishes stadiums

### Scoop Regional Thursday, 30 April 2009, 2:10 pm
Govt thanked for $15 million AMI Stadium funding

Press Release: Christchurch City Council
To: Chief Reporter
From: Diane Keenan – Communications Team

MEDIA RELEASE 30 April 2009

Government thanked for $15 million AMI Stadium funding

Christchurch Mayor Bob Parker is delighted at the Government’s announcement that it will provide $15 million towards the $60 million redevelopment of AMI Stadium in Christchurch.

In 2007, Christchurch City Council agreed to a $20 million underwrite of the redevelopment to allow it to proceed and be completed in time for the Rugby World Cup 2011.

“The Government’s decision to invest $15 million in the project shows its commitment to making RWC 2011 a great success, and also acknowledges the leading role Christchurch will play in this event,” Mr Parker says.

“The Government’s move also fully endorses the Council’s decision to underwrite the project. It was important we provided the underwrite when we did otherwise Christchurch could not have committed to RWC 2011. A redeveloped AMI Stadium with a seating capacity of 45,000 was the basis for our bid to host two World Cup quarter finals, in addition to pool games.”

“I am absolutely thrilled that the Government has stepped up with this substantial assistance to Christchurch. We are on track to deliver a world-class stadium on time and budget.”

Vbase Chief Executive Bryan Pearson supported the Mayor’s comments and congratulated the Government on its decision and foresight.

“This development will have flow-on benefits throughout the whole community. I also want to acknowledge the Christchurch City Council and its visionary decision to support this redevelopment right from the start. Without that support and underwrite, we would not have been able to proceed and would not have played a leading role in RWC 2011.”

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See comment from David.


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6 responses to “Govt lavishes stadiums

  1. David

    Elizabeth – it just shows how silly some of the “multipurpose” uses suggested by CST are.

    Basketball tournaments, ice shows, wind sailing, netball tournaments etc – apart from the financials of something like this being in dreamland, anything that covers the grass from more than a few days will kill it.

    It seems that CST have tested that the grass will grow, but not if can both grow AND be played on (a fairly important component of a stadium you’d think).

    Perhaps they have, but no-one seems to know if the grass will both grow and be regularly played on.

  2. David, how wonderfully uninformed you are. The TOP turf scientists in NZ have been testing the turf for a long time now. Yes it will grow and yes it will be playable and yes it will withstand the rigours of multi-purpose use.

    The Wembley issues are completely unrelated, and heads have rolled. The National Stadium of the UK can not have properly bedded grass at the business end of the season is a management issue not a turf issue.

  3. David

    Paul – I’d love to be informed. Tell me, under their tests, how regularly was it played on before it deteriorated?

    How did they cover it up for before it became damaged? i.e. they’d probably need at least a week for the basketball tournament, ice shows, wind sailing etc the CST suggested.

  4. David

    Paul wrote “David, how wonderfully uninformed you are.”

    Can you please inform me more. I was trying to find out the most basic of information that every pro and anti citizen should know off the top of their head. It should be a widely known public figure. Without knowing it, how could anybody judge whether we can afford it or not, or whether it’s fiancially viable or will send us into a spiral of debt.

    What is the annual cost of servicing our $105m loan?

    This will be the annual cost to the city, but no one seems to have any idea how much it actually is.

  5. Elizabeth

    With the little list MP Woodlouse down at stadium site today…
    Farry forgot to wear his hi-viz vest.

    ### Channel 9 News May 1, 2009 – 7:56pm
    Stadium Work To Begin Soon

    CST Chairman Malcolm Farry visited the Awatea Street site today along with a stadium supporter from central Government.

    Video Link currently not available

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