StS Court Action Dismissed

Hit the ODT for more news coming.
Monday morning let the diggers begin!


### ODT Online Fri, 24 Apr 2009
Stop the Stadium’s injunction dismissed
By David Loughrey
The Dunedin City Council will sign off on a contract to build the city’s new stadium on Monday, after a high court injunction bid by Stop the Stadium to halt the project was thrown out this morning.
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Christchurch Court News April 24, 2009
Bid to block Dunedin stadium dismissed


### Newstalk ZB 24/04/2009 11:46:36
Stadium will revitalise Otago – Mains
Otago rugby icon Laurie Mains is overjoyed the controversial Dunedin stadium project is going ahead. A High Court judge in Christchurch has not granted an injunction to stop the $200 million dollar project. It means the Dunedin City Council is now free to sign the construction contract.


### LATEST ODT Online Fri, 24 Apr 2009
Stop the Stadium’s injunction dismissed
By David Loughrey and NZPA
After the hearing, Stop the Stadium president Bev Butler said she was extremely disappointed but would not give up the fight. She expected the community to keep helping with costs, which were reserved.
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### Newstalk ZB 24/04/2009 12:56:37
Anti-stadium group disappointed
There is disappointment from the group that tried to prevent Dunedin’s new stadium from going being built.


### TVNZ News Published: 10:48AM Friday April 24, 2009
Dunedin stadium given go ahead
Source: ONE News

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4 responses to “StS Court Action Dismissed

  1. Ach. Anyway, now that it is inevitable they build a new stadium and ditch the good old one, I’d like to see people exert pressure to make it as good as possible.

    I don’t think this is the same as kind of empty phrases like ‘get in behind’ the stadium, which sort of sounds like mindless resignation. It seems like the design so far doesn’t seem particularly good, so how about submissions and other idea forums which help better shape access and parking, nearby public spaces, and other urban planning integration, and all of the other aspects of the user experience, which has extra importance for this site I think.

  2. Elizabeth

    Because the stadium will be (very) immediately adjacent the campus, the good news is the University of Otago’s strategic work on the campus plan will complement and be part of where your thoughts are heading – and they’re using excellent international consultants. This whole approach should open the Dunedin City Council’s eyes (council is a partner to the ‘Tertiary Precinct Development Plan’) to contemporary urban design thinking and implementation, generally. This has to be good for Dunedin’s built environment…so long as Logan Park’s upgrade is handled sensitively in its context!

  3. Paul

    I like what you guys are saying.

  4. Elizabeth

    StS is considering whether to appeal the injunction dismissal, maybe the committee got a few cheques in towards the injunction itself…

    This isn’t interesting yet, we can all think of rainbows.

    Not sure if anything more will emerge.

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