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Dear Members

You will know, by now, of the High Court injunction we have taken out against the DCC, in a last minute attempt to get them to listen to the submissions on the Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) before signing the contract with Hawkins Construction.
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StS emailed members this afternoon with the same message. StS didn’t tell members before this that everything “went” on the Town Hall meeting.

What no ability to seek sponsors. What no ability to fundraise in advance, not after the event. How many months has StS had to collude or collide with ‘money’.

StS reaches new heights. Mind you, I suspect it has a $$$$$meaty advance from somewhere to get to Court, Thursday. It’s after the hearing that hurts.


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14 responses to “StS: blatant fundraising mode

  1. Elizabeth

    They said: “Our barrister believes that we have a very strong case.”

    I doubt their barrister would say anything of the kind.

  2. Just out of interest, if it’s not a terrorist target, if it’s not at threat from flooding, if it is structurally sound, and if this fight is about the affordability and fiscal impact on the average person, how many people have spent their first 1,2, or 3+ years worth of $66 to stop this bloody thing?

    If Bev is reducing it to the poor bugger’s burden of $66 per annum, then this is a funny way of easing the economic pain on people – that and penalties for failure of full payment to council rates.

  3. I love he irony too, the poor buggers fighting to stop having to give more money to the council without their consent, have willingly forked over thousands upon thousands of dollars back to the council in protest action.

    Does Bev have her cheques pre-addressed, Mayor Chin, Dunedin City Council, Dunedin.?

  4. Peter

    Has anyone considered the impact of the govt giving a $15m grant on STS’s case. Surely as it is an outright grant it is effectively a capital contribution and not underwriting up to the value of $15m? Be interested on opinions on this matter but to my mind it would appear to reduce the need for bridging finance.

  5. Jody

    But according to the draft LTCCP the bridging loan required from the DCC has increased by $23.4 million. This means the DCC bridging loan requirement is still $8.4m higher than last year even with the government grant.

    Plus there’s the private sector funding shortfall $18m) which someone has to cover (read rate-payers) and the lack of results for reducing the rate-payer contribution by $20m….

    And who is making up the $3 million OCT shortfall?

    I’m happy to be wrong, if anyone wishes to shed light on these figures!!

  6. Elizabeth

    Channel 9 news tonight:
    ODT’s Simon Cunliffe said tomorrow’s paper looks at the STS injunction, how to pay for it and who is to raise the money to meet those costs.

  7. KGB

    Hi Jody
    Apart from the measly $10 million from the University,$7 million from the CTO and $15 million dollars from the foolish John Key,the ratepayers are going to have to pay for the lot.
    Malcolm and the ten who signed Dunedin’s death warrant will never jump over Lawyers Head but wouldn’t they make you want to push them

  8. Suppose I take $225 dollars, you get to have one of the most innovative and progressive sports stadiums in Australasia. You also get to see concerts like never before, rugby, football and other sporting codes in comfort and free from the winter weather that is unique to Dunedin.

    What an absolute load of bollocks and more hollow rubbish.

    MikeSick could you please run for council, so the collective masses give you a resounding pants down smack for such negative crap.

    Wrap a stereotype in a nice blanket of disinformation and negativity and you have a NIMBY bed to lay in.

    You show me sunshine which bloody shop will go belly-up as a result of this stadium!!! What you can’t, oh that’s right, won’t happen. Expletive!

  9. “Dunedin’s death warrant” yawn!!!!!!

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