D Scene: Judge weighs up consultation concern

### D Scene 22-4-09 (page 6)
All ready for stadium finale
By Michelle Sutton

The High Court will focus on consultation with Dunedin ratepayers when it decides the fate of Otago’s $200 million stadium tomorrow.
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What councillors said at Monday’s key meeting:
Neil Collins: “We need to have facilities that we are proud of and this will be one.”
Michael Guest: “We should thank Malcolm Farry, and the Mayor. It’s a wonderful project for Dunedin.”
Paul Hudson: “We haven’t communicated this well enough for our ratepayers.”
John Bezett: “You have to understand a lot of information has been given to the council that we haven’t been able to release.”
Teresa Stevenson: “As the community have said we don’t want it, we have become more firm in our view as council and have been fixated on the stadium.”
Dave Cull: “I think the issues are both funding and the public ownership. They are both financially problematic.We are rushing this to put this through. We are making decisions without detail.”
Andrew Noone: “People want us to make a decision. Dunedin has a history of punching above its weight.”
Chris Staynes: “We have an obligation to listen and we should be waiting until we have had the submissions.”

YES Peter Chin, Syd Brown, Bill Acklin, John Bezett, Neil Collins, Michael Guest, Paul Hudson, Andrew Noone, Richard Walls and Colin Weatherall
NO Dave Cull, Chris Staynes, Teresa Stevenson, Kate Wilson

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