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Sports development in limbo following court action

Unbelievably this isn’t Dunedin but in the Hawkes Bay. I had to really watch the news hard, because I thought I was listening to new news about Forsyth Bar Stadium, but no, seems the NIMBYS (yes reductionism for the sake of argument) want their day in court.


Go figure. I wonder if these are the same orchardists who wish to dump 10m trays of Kiwifruit?

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Retractable roof: Wimbledon Centre Court

### 3 NEWS Wed, 22 Apr 2009 10:44a.m.
New Wimbledon roof could mean some late nights

The new retractable roof over Wimbledon’s Centre Court could keep players, and fans, at the All England Club later than usual.
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### The Independent Wednesday, 22 April 2009
Tennis: Wimbledon’s roof takes Centre stage
By Paul Newman

Centre Court with the roof closed feels like a halfway house between an open-air court and a modern indoor stadium. The roof is made of a fabric that is 40 per cent translucent. The natural light goes some way towards preserving Centre Court’s unique atmosphere, in contrast, for example, to the solid sliding roofs at the Australian Open, which shut out all natural light. Nevertheless, artificial lighting will be used when the roof is closed.
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Official website: Wimbleton 2008
About Wimbledon – Behind the scenes

Centre Court of the future
How the roof works

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2011 RWC: Eden Park consents

### Radio New Zealand News Updated at 10:30am on 22 April 2009
Final Eden Park resource consents passed

Final resource consents for upgrades at Eden Park for the 2011 Rugby World Cup have been passed. Work on the $240 million redevelopment began in August last year. The final two consents cover the construction for the last part of the stadium, a concourse linking the different stands, and landscaping of the park and the temporary facilities for the world cup.
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Rates revolt: slow news day

### ODT Online Wed, 22 Apr 2009
More people withhold rates in protest
By David Loughrey
The number of Dunedin ratepayers who have heeded the call for a rates revolt to protest the Awatea St stadium project has risen to 88.
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Contract offer extended

### ODT Online Wed, 22 Apr 2009
Injunction decision expected Friday
By David Loughrey
A High Court decision on an injunction barring the Dunedin City Council from proceeding with the planned Awatea St stadium is expected on Friday.
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University thinks around 2011 RWC

### ODT Online Wed, 22 Apr 2009
University looks at two-stage stadium project
By Allison Rudd

The university plans a $50 million L-shaped development to house several stand-alone activities including Student Health, the Unipol gymnasium, and the foundation studies department, and possibly child-care facilities, research spaces and a café.
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D Scene: Judge weighs up consultation concern

### D Scene 22-4-09 (page 6)
All ready for stadium finale
By Michelle Sutton

The High Court will focus on consultation with Dunedin ratepayers when it decides the fate of Otago’s $200 million stadium tomorrow.
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What councillors said at Monday’s key meeting:
Neil Collins: “We need to have facilities that we are proud of and this will be one.”
Michael Guest: “We should thank Malcolm Farry, and the Mayor. It’s a wonderful project for Dunedin.”
Paul Hudson: “We haven’t communicated this well enough for our ratepayers.”
John Bezett: “You have to understand a lot of information has been given to the council that we haven’t been able to release.”
Teresa Stevenson: “As the community have said we don’t want it, we have become more firm in our view as council and have been fixated on the stadium.”
Dave Cull: “I think the issues are both funding and the public ownership. They are both financially problematic.We are rushing this to put this through. We are making decisions without detail.”
Andrew Noone: “People want us to make a decision. Dunedin has a history of punching above its weight.”
Chris Staynes: “We have an obligation to listen and we should be waiting until we have had the submissions.”

YES Peter Chin, Syd Brown, Bill Acklin, John Bezett, Neil Collins, Michael Guest, Paul Hudson, Andrew Noone, Richard Walls and Colin Weatherall
NO Dave Cull, Chris Staynes, Teresa Stevenson, Kate Wilson

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StS: blatant fundraising mode

Home at their website…
StS Link


Dear Members

You will know, by now, of the High Court injunction we have taken out against the DCC, in a last minute attempt to get them to listen to the submissions on the Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP) before signing the contract with Hawkins Construction.
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StS emailed members this afternoon with the same message. StS didn’t tell members before this that everything “went” on the Town Hall meeting.

What no ability to seek sponsors. What no ability to fundraise in advance, not after the event. How many months has StS had to collude or collide with ‘money’.

StS reaches new heights. Mind you, I suspect it has a $$$$$meaty advance from somewhere to get to Court, Thursday. It’s after the hearing that hurts.


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