In the immortal words of Luke Skywalker

“Almost There”, and to paraphrase Han Solo, once the final shot had been fired against the evil dark side (played rather admirably by the StS),

“Let’s build this thing and get on with it”.


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2 responses to “In the immortal words of Luke Skywalker

  1. Elizabeth

    ### ODT Online Mon, 20/04/2009 – 10:51am.
    Comment by Missy222 on Tiresome

    ### ODT Online Mon, 20/04/2009 – 3:09pm.
    Comment by Duke of Ban Phai on Klingon need for stadium thwarted

  2. “not have noticed that opposition to the stadium has only grown since work was almost completed on the Tahuna sewage pipe”

    would that be the MASSIVE 140 people turning out to possibly the last open forum before the stadium contract was about to be signed. The last true time (failing court) to tell the council that there is a massive public opposition to this?

    Just like the fact there more students could be bothered getting into a toga, getting pissed and running up and down George St, than could be bothered to turn out for this issue, I’m just not seeing this so called opposition. If anything, anecdotally on the street today (gauging public opinion), along with the usual complaints, for the first time I am hearing a chorus of “ok if we must, do the bloody thing properly”.

    Take for instance the very unscientific poll on ODT online site. Is this the first poll in which there is tangible support for the stadium (on the ODT site that is). 60% saying “Hopeful that it will now be built”, that’s pretty unheard of.

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